Samsung's Media Lounge at CTIA


At CES we had the Blounge™ , which was nice and spacious. It also provided us the luxury of not having to deal with other media or lack of Internet connectivity. Microsoft provided a much fancier Blounge™ at Macworld, but security wasn’t as tight and some random weirdos managed to sneak in and the general public viewed us like we were wild animals. Thanks to Samsung, we had ourselves a media lounge in which to set up camp during the show.

Doug and I enjoyed the simple pleasure of having a room in Samsung’s ginormous booth where we could kick back and crank out some CTIA goodness. The lounge was open to all media, but thankfully not that many knew about it. Samsung Mobile kept us comfortable and well fed throughout the show. Plush office chairs allowed us to cool off our puppies or take a quick cat nap. Every day we were met with various beverages, sandwiches, cookies, chips, fruit and ice cream. Doug really, really liked the ice cream. We didn’t have to bother with Wi-Fi here. Power surges, a fancy HDTV and DVD player were provided as well as having the chance to rub elbows with some other journo’s and bloggers. Others should take note and offer the same thing at other shows.