Spielberg's Ghost Venture Backed By Terry Semel

Update to our post last week about Steven Spielberg’s new Ghost and UFO based social network: We still don’t have the name of it, but it is being referred to as “Ghosts” to outsiders they are pitching it to (I still prefer “Ghost Town”). They will be putting a big focus on original video content (think Twighlight Zone-type stuff) with a permanent host. We’ve heard of a couple of people they’ve approached for the job.

And most interesting – the project is being created in partnership with the secretive Windsor Media, Terry Semel’s investment firm. Windsor was created by Semel before he went to Yahoo. It was put on hold during his tenure there, but fired up again after his departure last year.

Semel and Spielberg are longtime friends, and so it’s natural that the two would be working together on the project. But the big question is, when will this launch? Stay tuned for that, we’re still digging.