M.C. Hammer's DanceJam Opens Its Doors To A Select Few

DanceJam, founded by M.C. Hammer, Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young (Arone and Young come out of Flock), is opening its doors to a select few beta testers this afternoon. This is a company that I have personally invested in, so I won’t editorialize much here (I will be linking to other blogs and news sources who cover it, though).

The site, which has already had some mainstream news coverage, will be a place for users to upload videos of themselves dancing. Viewers can watch and rate the clips, and there will be a constant stream of “face-offs” between dancers to determine the top people in various dance types and locations.

In preparation for launch, the team has been traveling to various locations to film people dancing in casual settings. Much of this footage will be included as original content on the site. See the video below for some of it:

http://v1.tinypic.com/player.swf?file=6b9gyls&s=1They are inviting a few people who’ve added their emails to the DanceJam home page. We are also giving away 100 invites right now – just email techcrunch@dancejam.com. The first 100 to email get in.

DanceJam has raised $1 million in angel funding from investors including Rustic Canyon, Ron Conway, Michael Arrington, Alex Algard, Michael Tanne, Geoff Ralston, Alex Welch and Ariel Poler.

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