• DanceJam Finds A Buyer

    DanceJam, a dance video startup founded by MC Hammer, Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young in April 2007, will soon be acquired by Purevideo Networks, we’ve heard from multiple sources. Note: I am a small stockholder in DanceJam, although the company won’t comment to me about this at all. We don’t know the purchase price or other terms of the deal. Both companies are… Read More

  • DanceJam Partners With Evolution Of Dance Guy, Weezer And Janet Jackson

    DanceJam, a dance-focused social network that launched in March, has announced several major partnerships and features today. (Disclosure: Michael Arrington is an investor). The first partnership, with Weezer, is being promoted by Judson Laipply, the guy we’ve all seen dancing in that Evolution of Dance video. Dancers can submit videos that show unique and easy to learn dance routines… Read More

  • Can Touch This: DanceJam Opens To The Public

    YouTube for dance videos DanceJam has launched into open beta today after several months of private testing. DanceJam offers dance battles where users dance off against each other, with viewers voting on the best video. DanceJam also offers general dance videos, including locally uploaded content and videos from external sites such YouTube. DanceJam was founded by M.C. Hammer, and Geoffrey… Read More

  • Softbank, Rustic Canyon Put $3.5 million Into DanceJam Put new startup DanceJam, a “YouTube for dance videos” down for another $3.5 million, bringing their total to $4.5 million raised. They’ve closed a Series B round of financing from Softbank Capital, Rustic Canyon Partners and a number of new angel investors. Note that I am an investor in this startup. The company, founded… Read More

  • Wired Covers DanceJam Without Trashing M.C. Hammer

    I wrote about DanceJam last week, disclosing that I was an investor and saying I’d be linking to other coverage of the startup. Wired just posted a good overview of the company, which was founded by M.C. Hammer, Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young. In the article they mention an issue that has been bugging me – that some people have suggested that we only included MC Hammer as an… Read More

  • M.C. Hammer's DanceJam Opens Its Doors To A Select Few

    DanceJam, founded by M.C. Hammer, Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young (Arone and Young come out of Flock), is opening its doors to a select few beta testers this afternoon. This is a company that I have personally invested in, so I won’t editorialize much here (I will be linking to other blogs and news sources who cover it, though). The site, which has already had some mainstream news… Read More

  • TV Coverage For Dancejam, Realius and Gizmoz At TechCrunch40 Three TechCrunch40 demo pit startups got local bay area television coverage last week – Dancejam (note: I’m an investor), Realius and Gizmoz. It looks like the reporter did the easy thing – a swing by the demo pit to film the best looking startups. Congrats to all three. Read More