New Pioneer headphones for the anal-retentive audiophile in all of us


Wow, that’s a lot of ear thingies. The Pioneer SE-CLX9 (made with aluminum) and SE-CLX7 (made with metal) ear canal headphones let you switch between five different combinations of in-ear adapters that return different levels of bass and treble.

You can choose between High Tune 1, High Tune 2, Standard, Bass Tune 1, and Bass Tune 2. It’s a very novel idea. Practical? Well, if you consider switching out earbuds between songs by Master P and Winger to be a good time, then yes. Otherwise no.

I, personally, am far too lazy to own something like this. I could see studio producers and musicians maybe using these, though, especially if you have to cut some bass-heavy beats with Master P from 4 to 6 and then lay down some treble-filled vocals with Winger from 6 to 8.

SE-CLX9, the ultimate canal type headphone from Pioneer [Akihabara News]