• Pioneer Announces Car Navigation System Specifically Designed For Electric Vehicles

    First an Augmented Reality-based car navigation system, now a model that’s specifically designed for electric vehicles: Pioneer has today announced [JP] the AVIC-ZH09-MEV, which doubles as a multimedia entertainment system and comes with a number of functions that are supposed to make the lives of EV drivers easier. According to Pioneer, it’s the first car navigation system of… Read More

  • The Pioneer AppRadio Gets Official Video Demos, $399 Retail MSRP

    A month after its official unveiling, Pioneer finally found it fit to release a pair of official demo videos of the AppRadio. However, both are clearly meant for marketing purposes rather than actually showing what it does. Check out the second after the jump. The radio is also now available for purchase $399 at the usual suspects of Amazon, Best Buy, and Crutchfield. Pioneer previously… Read More

  • Zypr Releases API That Lets You Control Your Favorite Web Services With Your Voice

    Pioneer Electronics today announced a nifty new service called Zypr, a platform that collects your favorite web services all in one place and allows you to control them using your voice — on any connected device. Today, our experience of the Web is fragmented across devices, as we use each device, be it a phone, tablet, etc, for their traditional uses, yet each of them is connected but… Read More

  • Video: Pioneer's Amazing 3D Floating Vision Display

    Pioneer has been working on “Floating Vision” displays for quite a while, and now the company has shown the technology used in embedded systems. The naked-eye 3D display Pioneer recently showed at an exhibition in Tokyo lets users view images or videos “floating” in space – embedded in a prototype car navigation system. Read More

  • The Pioneer AppRadio: Select iOS Apps In Your Car's Dash For Less Than $500

    Here it is, ladies and nerds: the Pioneer AppRadio. As the name implies it’s centered around applications in a smartphone-ish sort of way. All the big boys are here: RDIO, Pandora, and Google Maps along with the driver-centric apps of INRIX and MotionX-GPS Drive. This is possible through the Pioneer AppRadio iOS app that serves up data and app access to the head-unit from a connected… Read More

  • Discussion Table: Pioneer's (Awesome) Take On Microsoft's Surface (Video)

    Yesterday, Pioneer unveiled the WWS-DT101 Discussion Table [JP], which is essentially the company’s answer to Microsoft’s Surface – just bigger and better. The main component here is the 52-inch multi-touch “interactive” LCD display with full HD resolution that supports up to 10 points of contact simultaneously. Read More

  • Pioneer Teases About Making Our Dash Smarter

    Well, well. We were wondering when Pioneer was going to clear the air about the so-called AppRadio we spotted in the FCC and later detailed a few weeks back. Looks like all will be revealed come May 25th. Read More

  • Pioneer Shows Augmented Reality-Powered Car Navigation System

    Pioneer in Japan announced [JP] a number of new car navigation systems today, but the AVIC-VH09CS took the cake: it’s what the company calls the first in-dash car navigation system ever to make use of Augmented Reality. And by the looks of it, the device produces some pretty cool results. Read More

  • Exclusive: The Pioneer AppRadio Will Put The Look Of iOS On Your Dash

    Pioneer is about ready to launch a car audio head unit that features an GUI remarkable similar to iOS, complete with apps, iTunes, and iPhone connectivity. Meet the Pioneer AppRadio, model number SPH-DA01. This unannounced double-din head unit hit the FCC database yesterday and a tipster wrote in to answer many of our questions. Obviously, given the name, this is a radio designed around… Read More

  • Pioneer SPH-DA01 AppRadio Docs Hits The FCC Sporting An iPhone-ish Center-Mounted Button

    Fresh Pioneer Corporation docs just landed in the FCC database of a so-called AppRadio, or as it’s named in one document, iPhone Control Receiver. The unit, SPH-DA01, has a whole host of testing documents in the database but only two are are all that interesting. The user manual names this device AppRadio and then there’s an unflattering picture that shows a center-mounted… Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Wireless Speaker Specifically Designed For The Elderly

    Pioneer announced [JP] the VMS-700-K for the Japanese market today, a wireless speaker specifically designed for elderly people. The idea here is to place the device right next to the user when watching TV so they can adjust the volume the way they like, without potentially harassing other family members. Read More

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