Developer Conference 2007 Kicks Off with Focus on Mobile

developconf.jpgThe rains, which continue to fall over much of the U.K., haven’t dampened the mood at The Developer Conference 2007 in Brighton, which kicked things off this week with a one-day focus on mobile, notably mobile gaming. Games on mobile handsets continues to be on the rise in the U.K., and strong annual growth was predicted.

But with the clouds came some negative news too. Among the biggest issues that was addressed is the gap between high-end phones and lower-end devices, which make game development for handsets for time consuming and difficult. In some cases, developers argued it is almost like making several versions of the very same title, not to mention the various platforms including Java, Java 3D (including JSR184 as well as Mascot Capsule), and versions for BREW, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Of course no one said developing games would be easy, and in front of every silver lining (which lines the pockets of the developers) there seems to be that gray cloud.

[Via Gamasutra]