Microsoft’s Azure Functions adds support for Java

Azure Functions, Microsoft’s platform for building serverless applications, has long supported a variety of programming languages but it’s adding an important one today: Java. Fittingly, t

Skymind raises $3M to bring its Java deep-learning library to the masses

Skymind, a company developing an open-source deep-learning library for Java, along with tools for implementation, today closed $3 million in financing from Tencent, SV Angel, GreatPoint Ventures,

Gridstore acquires DCHQ and becomes HyperGrid

Gridstore, a company that focuses on building software and data center appliances for Windows Hyper V-based clouds, today announced that it has acquired DCHQ, a service that helps enterprises move

Copyright questions remain after Google’s fair use victory

If you didn't already know the jury's decision in Oracle's long-running lawsuit against Google, you wouldn't have been able to guess it from looking at either company's legal team yesterday. Moments a

Jury finds Google’s implementation of Java in Android was fair use

Software developers can breathe a massive sigh of relief — a jury found today that Google’s implementation of 37 Java APIs in Android qualified as fair use. However, Oracle attorneys have already

Google and Oracle present closing arguments in battle over Java

Attorneys for Oracle and Google presented their closing arguments today in a lawsuit over Google’s use of Java APIs owned by Oracle in Android. Oracle accused Google of stealing a collection of

Alphabet CEO Larry Page defends Android’s use of Java APIs in court

Alphabet CEO and Google co-founder Larry Page defended his company's development of the Android platform today during an ongoing legal battle with Oracle. Oracle sued Google in 2010, claiming that And

In Oracle’s world, Android is a crime against open source

Oracle and Google are back in the courtroom again — the same court they started in back in 2010, when Oracle first sued Google over the company's use of 37 Java APIs in its Android operating system.

Oracle CEO claims it discounted Java by 97.5% to beat out Android on Amazon’s Paperwhite

Oracle and Google continue to fight it out in a retrial over $9 billion that Oracle claims Google owes it for using its Java code in its popular Android mobile platform. And in the process, we&#8217

Programming Trends To Look For This Year

There has never been a more exciting time for technologists and developers worldwide. The number of active development languages and frameworks, as well as development tools and learning avenues, cont

We’re All Doomed, Or, Towards A Border Gateway Super Posse

Everything is broken. Just ask any security engineer. Way back in 1998, the members of the hacker collective L0pht testified to Congress that they could take down the entire Internet in 30 minutes by

Code Discovery Service Runnable Adds C/C++ And Java Support, Launches Company Channels

Runnable, the “YouTube of Code” which launched exactly three months ago, today announced support for a number of new languages, as well as extended support for companies and open source pr

Developer Freedom At Stake As Oracle Clings To Java API Copyrights In Google Fight

<b>Editor's note:</b><em> Sacha Labourey is CEO and Steven G. Harris is senior vice president of products for CloudBees.</em> APIs exist for a reason: They act as the communication channel, the <i

Scott McNealy: The World Lacks A Major Corporate Sponsor For Open Source

I sat down with<a target="_blank" href=""> Scott McNealy</a> today after he spoke on a panel here at <a target="_blank" href="">TUCON</

Heroku Enterprise For Java – A New Play In A Crowded Market

<a target="_blank" href="">Heroku</a> has added Java for a new enterprise focused service so companies and IT organizations can build and run Java applications in the cloud. In a p

Oracle Issues Security Alert For Severe Java Vulnerability That Gives Attackers Control And Access To Personal Data

Oracle has issued a security alert for a Java vulnerability that if exploited can give attackers access to a user's personal information. The vulnerability means that attackers can access a user's

HTML5 Keeps Growing: Users Have Built One Million HTML5 Sites On Wix In The Past Three Months, a Java and HTML5 publishing platform, announced today that users have built over one million sites using their HTML5 tools since March. Wix, which began offering Flash tools in 2008, did not

Java Application Deployment Platform Jelastic Raises $2 Million from Russian Venture Funds

<a href="">Jelastic</a>, a U.S./Ukrainian/Russian provider of a cloud-based deployment platform for Java apps, has closed a $2 million Series A funding round from Russia and CIS-fo

Red Hat’s OpenShift Adds Full Java Lifecycle Offering

Red Hat's OpenShift platform as a service offering has been in public beta for a while now. It offers a fairly simple way for people to jumpstart "cloud" development efforts by abstracting out all the

Who Needs Flash? New WebGL And HTML5 Browser Game Sets Tron's Light Cycles In 3D

<img src="" /><a href="">Cycleblob</a>, an addictive browser game created by Israeli develo
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