Oh Snap! Biz 2.0 Doesn't Do Backups!

The worst possible scenario for a print magazine is for your entire future issue to be completely wiped out in a hard drive failure. Now that you’ve read that sentence and most likely this article’s title, I’m sure you can put two and two together to find out which magazine lost its entire June issue thanks to data failure. Funny how a magazine that’s always ranting on and on about how important backups are, doesn’t backup its own content.

Business 2.0, I’m pretty sure you guys will keep several backup copies of your future issues on hand at all times now. It’s a shame your June issue was entirely wiped out, because I actually enjoy your mag and read it from time to time. Guess that next issue is going to be a wee bit late, eh?

Tech Magazine Loses June Issue, No Backup [Slashdot]