• Saving print: Amazon demands 70 percent of newspaper's revenue for Kindle use

    How is the Kindle DX going to save the newspaper industry when Amazon demands a whopping 70 percent of all revenue, plus the right to license that content (“the mayor said something important today at City Hall”) wherever it chooses? Such is the plight of the Dallas Morning News, and, presumably, other, smaller (compared to the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) newspapers. Read More

  • The sky is falling! Computer Shopper Magazine going all-digital

    Those of you that have been screaming that print is dead have another feather to put in your cap: venerable Computer Shopper Magazine will cease production of its printer version come April of this year. All future editions will be freely available online, supported by a variety of advertising and revenue streams. Computer Shopper’s plans for a free online edition are contrary to many… Read More

  • Is print dead?

    I’m in Barcelona for Nokia World, and at the little “Blogger’s Lunch” today we got to discussing various trends in entertainment, media, content distribution, and other things of interest to folks who spend the bulk of their day keyed into the online world. Several of the folks at the table exclaimed “Print is dead!”, going on to say “Someone just needs… Read More

  • Oh Snap! Biz 2.0 Doesn't Do Backups!

    The worst possible scenario for a print magazine is for your entire future issue to be completely wiped out in a hard drive failure. Now that you’ve read that sentence and most likely this article’s title, I’m sure you can put two and two together to find out which magazine lost its entire June issue thanks to data failure. Funny how a magazine that’s always ranting on… Read More