Voco Alarm Clock: Wake Up to the Sounds of a Charming Englishman


Alarm clocks — save for Clocky — are generally annoying, boring things. Granted, this Voco clock isn’t exactly as thrilling as front row seats to The Police, but it does have an urbane English comedian telling you to wake up. Every 12 hours, you’ll hear Stephen Fry (of V For Vendetta fame) telling you to wake up with clever little Britishisms: “I’m so sorry to disturb you sir, but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient. I agree, sir. I believe it is the rotation of the earth which is to blame, sir.”

The Voco clock comes with 50 such messages, with a ladies version (“Good morning, madam”) due this July. It’s just under $50 right now, but the way the dollar is going that might soon skyrocket. There’s no word on whether Fry will break into British swear words that mean nothing here (bugger, bloody, bullocks, etc.) if you refuse to wake up. Oh, but we can dream.

Product Page [Voco]