This three-axis tourbillon movement is a 3D printed marvel

The three-axis tourbillon is one of the most complex watch complications in the world. Originally based on a design by watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, this type of tourbillon – literally &#822

Bell & Ross creates a transparent tourbillon

It’s spring and that means it’s time for Basel, the definitive international watch show. Around this time every year all of your favorite brands – and brands you’ve never heard

Print your own triple-axis tourbillon (trust me, it’ll be cool)

In the world of horology there are few things fancier than the tourbillion and there are few things extra fancier than a triple-axis model. Originally invented by Abraham Louis Breguet, the tourbillio

Today is a clock that reminds you to slow down

Scott Thrift takes the long view on things. The Brooklyn-based artist has been making crazy clocks for most of this decade, starting out with the incredible ThePresent seasons clock and culminating in

This 3D-Printed Watch Doesn’t Tell Time Well But That Doesn’t Matter

Not unlike Ke$ha, things that go tick-tock are quite interesting and this 3D printed clock is no exception. This clock, actually a tourbillon with a going barrel, is unique in that the DIY plans are a

A Cheerful Memento Mori Clock For Your Home Or Office

Although in this economy you can probably hire someone to walk behind you who will occasionally remind you of your mortality, it is probably a bit more efficient to just put up this Mr. Jones Accurate

The Story Of The Mechanical Padre

<img src=""><a HREF="">Radiolab</a> has an excellent story about

DOTKLOK: A Clock Made Of Dots

DOTKLOK: Game Time from The Latest Artists on Vimeo. Like the Pong Clock, the DOTKLOK uses an LED array to display the time – and more. Available at Etsy for $150 ($200 assembled), the kit uses

The LED Pong Clock, Sans DIY

<img src="" />At the CrunchGear offices, after all our tireless work, we sit around and talk time;

The Lumimask: A Mask That Wakes You As Gently As Mother Nature There are plenty of clocks that “light” the room slowly, flooding your optic nerves with

Verbarius: a FuzzyClock for your bedroom

<img src="" />Well, I know what my brother is getting for his birthday — in an alternate universe where I have $220 to sp

Redundant Clock is redundant

How delightfully meta. It’s not real, unfortunately. [via bookofjoe and OhGizmo!]

These sweet retro flip-clocks are actually quite reasonably priced

Retro chrome stuff is in demand here in Seattle. It seems like everyone is trying to establish their home as some sort of shrine to “Mad Men.” I even caved and bought this awesome projecto

Good Times (get it?): Clocks made from Atari cartridges

<img src="" alt="atari" />Combine your longing for the good old days of early video gaming with your obsessive need to be on t

Damn It, Jim: Handmade Star Trek clock

<img src="" alt="star trek" />Way, way, way, way, way back in January of this year we took a look at a clock adorned with Star

Waxing poetic about telling time

<img src="" />Time is a funny thing. Sometime you need to know exactly what time it is, and sometimes you really don't care. For the

Chronulator chronulates your day

This DIY item uses two standard dials and some odd telegraph keys to create something that looks like it belongs on the bridge of the Enterprise, circa 1801. The clock uses parts from ShareBrained and

Time (get it?) for a Star Wars clock?

<img src="" />Call me crazy, but $90 for a handsome-looking clock adorned with various pewter Star Wars vehicles seems like a pretty ok

Know when it's time to wake up, analog style

Finding it too easy to read your current alarm clock? Check out the new “Time Tuner” from ATREP04 design, based out of Constantinople Istanbul. Instead of using something like a numerical

VORP! TICK TOCK! Alarm clock slowly hovers upward

I keep my alarm clock just outside my bedroom, which allows me to wake up early with the miniscule side-effect of being almost totally overwhelmed by agitation and puffy-eyed rage for the first two ho
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