Samsung Develops Hi-Res LCD That Automatically Adjusts Brightness

With Samsung and LG churning out “world’s first” almost everyday, it’s no surprise SK owns the world market in mobile phones and bleeding-edge technology that makes others drool. Samsung, for example, just announced a 2.1-inch LCD panel that comes equipped with sensors that automatically adjust brightness to ensure you don’t have to squint and tilt your screen to see what’s on it.

The new panel provides QVGA resolution while consuming 20-30 percent less power than other displays with the same size and resolution, thanks to Samsung’s Adaptive Brightness Control technology. ABC is a design that embeds an ultra-slim black matrix within a display structure that’s less than one millimeter. The high-end panels also have a temperature gauge that keeps the LCD at a constant temperature regardless of the environment that it’s in. The panels are expected to begin production in the second half of the year.

Samsung Develops High-resolution LCD Mobile Display that Automatically Adjusts Brightness [Korea NewsWire]