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  • Creative Travelsound i50: When You Shuffle Isn't Big Enough

    The TravelSound iS0 is an odd Shuffle speaker dock that basically makes the Shuffle into a something as big as an iPod. Why? I don’t know but does seem to offer us a nice tall glass of WTF. It’s Asia-only right now — about $69 — and probably won’t hit our shores for a long, long time, if ever. Creative Travelsound i50 speaker for the iPod Shuffle [Newlaunches] Read More

  • Sharp Unveils Lightest, Thinnest LCD TV

    Unveiled earlier today in Japan was the world’s thinnest and lightest LCD TV from Sharp. That’s all well and good, but the prototype 20mm thick 52-inch LCD won’t go into production until 2010. The specs are rather impressive, though. The prototype boasts a contrast ratio of 100,000 to 1 and weighs just over 55-pounds. Me thinks I’ll be waiting for those fancy OLED… Read More

  • Japan Building The Next Internets

    Those crazy Japanese are at it again with talk of building some new fangled technology that will replace our beloved Internets by 2020. This is all well and good, but they better deliver on the promise of faster and more secure throughputs as well as resiliency against virus’ and breakdowns. Read More

  • Liquid Crystals Adjust For Best Possible View

    Taiwanese researchers have developed an LCD display where the crystals shift to give viewers optimal clarity no matter what angle it’s being viewed from, which is rather astonishing but once you learn how it’s being done I’m sure you won’t be that impressed. The prototype display is attached to a diminutive camera that tracks the location of said viewer and then a… Read More

  • Fujitsu Launching $500k+ Display

    That’s right. Fujitsu is launching the Super Frontech Vision LD series and bigger is certainly better in this case, but I have to question the sanity of anyone shelling out $531k on a non HDTV. Said individual can stand behind any douchebag Vertu Cobra owner who will deflect any and all questions about compensation. The displays are not being positioned for the consumer market, but a… Read More

  • LG Colorholic Does Something, No One Cares

    LG is launching a new line of mobile phones geared towards women in 14 different colors. The Colorholic is a slider with the usual suite of applications like an appointment book, text-to-speech messaging and an MP3 player. I really think LG nailed this one with the wide variety of colors because girls love it when everything matches. Wait. Who am I kidding? No one here cares about the phone. Read More

  • Buffalo USB Digital TV Tuner For Macs

    Buffalo is showing Japanese Mac owners some love with the DH-KONE/U2MA digital TV tuner. It plugs right in via USB and has a built-in booster circuit with a highly sensitive tuner and a double noise filter that promises crisp pictures and sound. You can also connect the tuner to your home antenna by using an F-type conversion cable. It drops in Japan sometime this month for around $110. Did… Read More

  • China Propagates War Via Mobile Phone Content

    To celebrate the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, China Unicom is offereing its subscriber base film clips of the Korean War and pictures of weapons and/or military figures. So why is China Unicom offering such a strange variety of content to celebrate? According to company official Yu Peng, “I believe it will be popular since we have so many military fans in China.” Read More

  • NEC, Hitachi Announce Water-cooled HDD

    NEC and Hitachi’s joint efforts are beginning to materialize some worthwhile products, IMO. What you see above is the first water cooling system for your HDD. Not only is the system ultra quiet at 25dB, but NEC plans to equip future desktops with this exciting new cooling system. Joy. In a box. NEC and Hitachi water-cool your HDD [Akihabara News] Read More

  • Samsung Announces World's First LCD With DisplayPort

    Samsung has announced another world’s first with a 30-inch LCD panel using a single DisplayPort, which will replace DVI, LVDS and VGA in upcoming Samsung LCDs. The next-gen interface outputs all your pretty pictures at 10.8Gbps, which allows for a 2560×1600 resolution or 1.07 billion colors without any visible lag. The DisplayPort panel utilizes a four-lane, 2.7Gbps/lane interface… Read More

  • LG Shine Goes Back To Black

    Welcome to another edition of: A Phone We’ll Never See in The US. Our guest today is the LG Shine Titanium Black. The first incarnation of the Shine set the world on fire with its sleek and ‘shiny’ full metal jacket and now LG is hoping douchebags with too much money will spend some more on the hot new color. Of course, the 2-megapixel camera by Schneider Kreuznach… Read More

  • Help, I've Fallen, Can't Get Up

    The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in SK has announced the development of a mobile phone system for gammy and pappy that senses if they’ve fallen over and alerts you as well as the ER. The sensors are attached on the belt and work in conjunction with a mobile phone. When a sudden movement triggers the sensor the mobile phone alerts the hospital, which calls to check… Read More

  • Sharp Announces Five HD Recorders

    Following the announcement of the new G-Series AQUOS LCD TVs Sharp has also announced five digital TV tuners that come in 250GB (DV-ACW72), 500GB (DV-ACW75) and 1TB (DV-ACW80) capacities. The top-of-the-line ACW series has two digital tuners, one analog tuner, two USB ports for photo transfer, HDMI and support for supports EPG (Electronic programming guide). The low-end AC series comes in… Read More

  • Korean Navy Endorses Starcraft Team

    This only happens in Korea, I swear. My countrymen love them some Starcraft and the mandatory military service hinders that love, but no longer. In April the Air Force profiled the King of the Terran Tribe in Starcraft, Im Yo-han. The profile caused the site to crash from all the hits and the Navy is hoping they can have the same success with the announcement of team Aegis. The formation of… Read More

  • The Wii Is The Best Game Console Ever

    The Wii continues its game console domination in Japan with reports showing that the Wii outsold the PS3 6 to 1 in June. The tiny white console entered into 270,974 homes while the huge black BBQ only made it to 41,628 homes. The Xbox 360 was barely even looked at with only 17,616 units sold. It’s been a steady climb to the top for Nintendo as sales have increased every month over Sony… Read More

  • Sharp Announces 16 G-Series AQUOS LCD TVs

    Now that the iPhone has been launched and it’s the utter failure we all expected it to be we return you to our regularly scheduled ranting and raves. We’ll start with Sharp Japan announcing 16 new G-Series 120Hz AQUOS LCD TVs. The 37-, 42-, 46- and 52-inch sets are equipped with an ultra-thin 8.1cm panel. All models feature three HDMI ports, component, DVI, two FireWire, S/PDIF… Read More

  • iPod Controls On Your Lady Lumps

    I’m really thirsty and I’m not sure why. Anyways, these fine young ladies are sporting the hottest new trend for the Summer: iPod controls on a bikini. I’m certain that this will cause a few pubescent lads to be smacked when they try and skip to the next song. “I was only trying to fast forward, I swear. I can’t help that your boob is right there.” Sure, pal. Read More

  • Samsung Supersizes HDTV to 70 inches

    I really don’t know why companies in SK attempt to compete with Samsung. They have the world’s slimmest phones and they seem to be the king of ‘world’s firsts,’ so the latest product to grace the world with its presence shouldn’t come as a real surprise. Samsung has introduced a beauty of an HDTV in Korea, a 70–inch LCD packed full of LEDs, bitches. Read More

  • Samsung Paparazzi Camcorder, VM-X300

    In most cases I wouldn’t brag about getting off or on in three seconds, but Samsung isn’t ashamed or bashful about it and I don’t blame them. The VM-X300 is the latest camcorder from Samsung and the thoughts running through my mind are downright illegal. I’m sure you, folks, can think of many situations where three seconds to turn on and off a camcorder would come in… Read More

  • LG Tacks On Free Insurance For Prada Owners

    Someone at LG must be on the sauce because this makes no sense at all. The SK mobile phone giant will be giving 60,000 Prada owners free insurance totaling up to $215 and what’s even crazier is the fact that it covers the phone even if you break it. If you decide to run over it with a car or throw it out a 20 story building you’re still covered and this is outside of the… Read More

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