The Metadata Box

. So what are we trying to do?

Essentially, we’re adding a useful rating system to our reviews. Most of the data is self-explanatory — Model, Manufacturer, Availability (when we have it), MSRP (when we have it). Then you have Value for Money. That’s an assessment of overall value vs. price. A $500 1-megapixel camera would have a low value for money while a $100 smartphone has a high value.

Then we have Cool. This is our assessment of the “cool factor,” how special/nice/wonderful you’ll look carrying this bugger around. An iPod gets a 8-9 while a ham sandwich gets a 1 — but is certainly tasty. Clear?

Then we have Overall. This is an assessment of the overall value, higher being better. Favorite items will be in the 7-9 range. It will be very difficult to grab a 10. Then we have our Verdict. This is a one line recap of the entire product.

Finally, there is the Purchase link. The ad sales people may or may not populate that with an Amazon Associate IDs down the line, but as far as I’m concerned it is currently just a link to a product page. If it changes later, we’ll let you know.

I’m still tweaking the layout and functionality, but that’s the basic concept. Hope it’s helpful.