B2B marketing company raises $6.5M announced today that it has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding. It’s been more than four years since I wrote about the startup’s $2 million seed funding. At the time, co-

Cloudtenna raises $2.5M, launches mobile search app to find content across cloud services

Finding somewhere in a Slack conversation, or stored in Box, Dropbox, Google Docs or Office 365, that one document you want to attach to an email is a huge challenge as we find ourselves spreading our

Europe’s top court must rule on UK spies’ bulk powers, says tribunal

The oversight court for the UK's intelligence agencies has said Europe's top court should rule on the legality of powers that give the country's security and intelligence agencies the ability to colle

Should WhatsApp let you disable URL previews?

Another reminder that if you want perfect security or privacy online you shouldn't expect every single bell & whistle of tech-enabled convenience to be handily on tap... 

Why metadata should not live forever

The surge in encrypted traffic and a wide adoption of end-to-end encryption by mainstream tech companies is a transformative shift in information security. Billions of online users now enjoy default p

Metadata raises $2M to help advertisers target users who resemble their existing sales leads

Ad-targeting startup Metadata announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding. Co-founder and CEO Gil Allouche said the company’s technology offers an effective way for businesses that sell

Stanford quantifies the privacy-stripping power of metadata

More proof, if proof were needed, of the privacy-stripping power of metadata. A multi-year crowdsourced study, conducted by Stanford scientists and published this week, underlines how much information

Box Will Add Metadata To Give More Context To Cloud Documents

<a target="_blank" href="">Box</a> announced on-stage at its BoxWorks conference that it will be making the documents stored in its cloud storage system smarter, thanks to upcoming s

Microsoft focusing on the fringe of digital photography

By “fringe” I don’t mean like photos of ghosts and strange matter, but on the non-traditional aspects of it — everything but the basic photographic image, basically. Microsoft is c

The Metadata Box

. So what are we trying to do?