Treo 750: Blurry Pics, Feature List

Treo 750 leak

Earlier today, you read about some new pics of a purported Treo 750 caught in the wild. We can confirm that this is indeed a version the Treo 750, though it’s unclear if it’s the same 750 as the “Lennon” that is coming to Cingular in October, or if it’s the rumored 750v, which is the Euro-only version. The “Lennon” (likely to be named the 750w) we know will include WiFi, but it’s unknown if this device will include UMTS and class 10 EDGE. Rounding out the 750 offerings is the “Nitro”, a PalmOS based 750 (probably the 750p) with similar stats, better resolution (320×320), and no WiFi.

What we have learned is that on a features-front, the value from included software on these smartphones is pretty impressive. The usual suite of Windows Mobile apps will be included, including Office document reading and writing. In addition, look for pTunes, the excellent Mp3/WMA/internet radio app, and MobiTV. For the latter a seperate subscription will be likely, but the carriers may find a way to subsidize this. We’ll likely find out more in two weeks, when Palm has announced that they’ll make an announcement. You read that correctly. It almost makes a wormhole of PR hype.

We also know that the camera on the first edition will be the same as the current Treos, at 1.3 Megapixels, and the resolution will likely remain at 240×240.