Treo PRO now available from Sprint for $249

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Treo PRO now available from Sprint for $249

Update: Sprint did not intend for this page to go up yet – it has since been pulled. Palm and Sprint might have a pickle on their hands. Now that the Palm Pre is the hottest upcoming phone of 20

Study: iPhones Twice As Reliable As BlackBerries

The iPhone is twice as reliable as the Blackberry after one year of ownership, a new study by SquareTrade finds. SquareTrade, which sells extra warranties for cell phones and other devices, looked at

Palm Treo Pro now available

Palm fanboys can now order the Palm Treo Pro handheld directly from Palm. After months of leaks, previews, and finally an announcement, Palms latest is finally shipping. Thank goodness. The price is s

Palm Treo Pro now available for preorder

Palm fanboys; take notes. Your $549, Windows Mobile-powered super phone is now up for preorder over at By the time it ships, the phone will take two or three weeks to get your grimy fingers

Review: Palm Treo Pro

So we return to the Palm Treo Pro, a $549 unlocked Windows Mobile Treo aimed squarely at the business set. It’s been about a week and I’ve used this guy off and on. It kept a nice charge &

Review: Palm Treo Pro

So we return to the Palm Treo Pro, a $549 unlocked Windows Mobile Treo aimed squarely at the business set. It’s been about a week and I’ve used this guy off and on. It kept a nice charge &

10 Days of CrunchGear: The Final Challenge

We present to you CrunchGear’s 10 Days of CrunchGear final challenge. Instead of randomly choosing a commentor we are now going to make you work for your prizes. Why? Because the prizes KICK ass

Quick Look: Palm Treo Pro

Here we are, friends: the $549 WinMo smartphone from Palm. Initial opinions: it’s a nice size, very slim. Smaller than the Centro and the OS is fairly peppy. A dedicated WiFi button on the side

Palm Treo Pro now officially official

via MobilityToday Sure, news of this thing leaked like a Greek fishing boat the moment Palm thought it up but now it’s offical. Behold: the Palm Treo Pro, a WinMo 6.1 cellphone with some nice fe

Treo Pro officially bows early, then gets pulled off stage

So on the 21st, Palm is going to make the Treo Pro official but the leaks keep flowing. Next up was the official press photos, but all we managed to grab was a screenshot before those were pulled. Un

Treo Pro live shots, details continue to leak

Just a few days ago, no one really knew anything about the Treo Pro. Hell, it wasn’t even called the Treo Pro before Friday. Just two days later, we know just about all there is to know about Pa

Review: Treo 800w on Sprint

I am not a huge fan of Windows Mobile. I am, however, a huge fan of Palm and, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m befuddled by their recent decisions. As a blogger I’m full of half-baked o

Treo 800w to get Bluetooth Voice Dialing soon

With the Treo 800w lacking a standard wired headset/headphone jack, users were a bit surprised (read: mad) to find that the voice commands they’d grown accustomed to on other (cheaper) Palm hand

Sprint Treo 800w quick look

Treo 800w reviewed

Dave from MobilityToday reviews the Treo 800w, Palm’s $249 Windows Mobile Treo sold by Sprint. While I’d rather watch Dave test the blend-ability of this toad, if you need/want WinMo, need

Palm Treo 800w set to release on July 13th

According to Phone Arena, Sprint will announce that the Palm Treo 800w will be released July 13th, 2008. The Treo 800w, if you don’t remember, is the successor to the 700w. An integrated antenna

Palm's new Treo 800w shot in the wild and looking good

The Treo 800w’s launch date of June 22 is getting closer, and the phone has once again been spotted in the wild. The Windows Mobile smartphone featuring the new Treo form factor is making Palm&#

Palm to launch new "prosumer" smartphone with new OS

Don’t look for Palm OS 2.0 to come to your Centro any time soon. Sure, Palm’s sold millions of the small smartphones, but it also has a perpetual license for the current Palm OS and will l

Rumor: Sprint's Treo 800w to drop June 22

We’re hearing more and more about the Sprint Treo 800w, the first new Treo from Palm sporting the new Centro-like re-design. It’s a good looking phone, WinMo aside, and has many fanbois up
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