Speck Mobile Tune FM Transmitter and Charger for iPods

Here’s an iPod accessory that was designed to blend into the decor of your car. The Mobile Tune FM Transmitter and Charger plugs into the cigarette lighter, sticking into your car’s interior and looking like a gear shift knob with chrome on top. It’s trimmed in leather and has a backlit blue dial indicator for that certain custom look, provided that your car is trimmed in leather, has backlit blue dial indicators and chrome accents.

But you’re going to have to find something to do with that dangling wire, because the Mobile Tune’s universal dock attaches to your iPod, which must occupy space somewhere along with the wire leading to it. Although it’s convenient to have a charger/FM transmitter to move your iPod signals to the car radio, it’s been our experience that these devices don’t work very well, and bring along with them more noise than you can bear unless you’re traveling at a constant 80 mph. Perhaps this is different, but we doubt it.

Product Page [Speck Products, via popgadget]