One of Extra Crunch‘s flagship editorial offerings, the EC-1 is an authoritative, deep analysis into a growth-stage company that not only offers a panoramic view of a specific business, but also teaches lessons learned from the veterans of these organizations, whether they be founders, sales leaders, product managers, software engineers, marketers or anyone else who contributed to the growth of a startup.

The goal with each EC-1 is to help TechCrunch readers understand the intricacies of building a company from as many angles as possible, while also getting situational intelligence on the best tech companies scaling up in the market today. The EC-1 takes its name from the Form S-1 filing that late-stage startups submit to the SEC as part of the IPO process.

Nubank EC-1

Image Credits: Nigel Sussman

Expensify EC-1

The Expensify origin story

Image Credits: Nigel Sussman