Announcing the early-stage startups exhibiting at TC Sessions: Climate 2022

Examining the role that technology and startups play in fighting climate change is the raison d’être for TC Sessions: Climate 2022 (featuring the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals), which takes place on June 14 at UC Berkeley (with an online day June 16).

Pro tip: Buy your pass now, and you’ll save $200. Prices go up at the door.

One of our favorite aspects of this event takes place on the exhibition floor. That’s where you’ll meet, connect — and maybe even find opportunities to collaborate — with early-stage startups showcasing a wide range of climate tech solutions. Based on the companies listed below, it promises to be an impressive display of innovative products and solutions designed to help humanity mitigate and adapt to climate change.

And don’t miss the interviews, presentations and breakouts with the leading minds and makers who are dedicated to creating or investing in saving our planet and its inhabitants. Check out the event agenda and plan your strategy.

Alrighty then and without further ado, here are the early-stage climate tech startups exhibiting at TC Sessions: Climate 2022.

Algeon Materials: Algeon Materials is on a mission to fight climate change and reduce plastic pollution by creating sustainable and biodegradable plastic alternatives from kelp.

Arloid Automation: SaaS for energy optimization in the real estate sector. Through precise and proactive management of individual HVAC (heating, ventilation, A/C) devices at a granular level, our solution instantly delivers up to 40% reduction in utilities consumption and carbon footprint. We operate a gain-share model that requires no capital expenditure and no upfront payments from our customers.

Atmo: Atmo builds AI-based climate computers for governments and enterprises.

ChargeNet Stations: ChargeNet democratizes electric vehicle access, makes charging clean and convenient, prevents greenhouse gas emissions and transforms restaurant parking lots into profit centers.

Cincel: The multisignature, notarization, blockchain and identity suite that streamlines the life cycle of signing documents with legal and technological compliance.

Corigin Solutions: A carbon-removal company that converts crop waste into regenerative agricultural inputs and carbon sequestration solutions. The first plant is up and running in Merced, California.

DiviGas: A polymeric hydrogen separation membrane for H2 separation from CO2 and other harsh gasses. Powers gray/blue/green hydrogen use cases and billions of dollars in industrial products.

Earthshot Labs: Planetary-scale ecological regeneration.

FarmSense: Climate change affects pest impact on crops. FarmSense provides real-time autonomous pest monitoring that reduces labor and unnecessary broad-spectrum pesticide sprays.

Nanospan: Innovates in disruptive, decarbonizing material technologies aimed at sustainable living, for the construction tech and energy storage sectors.

NovoNutrients: NovoNutrients will capture hundreds of megatons of carbon and feed the world. We are the biotech company that’s cleanly turning hydrogen and industrial carbon dioxide emissions into microbial, alternative protein ingredients.

Orbillion Bio: Cell-cultured premium meat. Working with butchers and chefs, our proprietary tech lets them develop four different heritage meats 18 times faster and 10 times cheaper than competitors.

Paces: Actionable data insights to help green infrastructure developers, operators and investors to build more projects.

Parcel Health: Creates sustainable medication packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

PSapling Solar: Superior substitute to roof-top solar, capable of scaling residential and business solar so fast that utility companies and governments are pressed to accelerate their own green footprint, mitigating climate change.

SeekInvest: Values-based financial services platform.

Solutum: A novel plastic material — with all the functionality and benefits of traditional plastic — that completely dissolves in water at ambient temperatures. After a predetermined time delay, it bio-degrades to natural and eco-friendly components with no microplastic residue.

Sphere: Sphere makes it easy for employers to offer authentic climate-friendly investment options in their 401(k) retirement plans.

Undesert Corporation: Capturing carbon, 100% driven with renewable solar energy; curating forests; cleaning water; afforesting deserts.

WeCantWait.World: To respond to urgent causes, advance essential solutions and invest for a flourishing future, we will consider giving away a lot [of money] to bold and effective organizations.

TC Sessions: Climate 2022 takes place at UC Berkley’s Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley on June 14 with an online event on June 16. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet, connect and collaborate with some of the leading early-stage climate tech startups. Buy your pass today and save $200.

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