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E3 Capital and Lion’s Head climate fund hits first close at $48M to back African startups

The E3 Low Carbon Economy Fund for Africa (E3LCEF), a fund by early-stage VC E3 Capital (formerly Energy Access Ventures), and emerging markets-focused investment bank Lion’s Head Global Partners, h

To secure early-stage funding, entrepreneurs should build ESG into their business models

Whether you believe in ESG or subscribe to the “woke capitalism” viewpoint, it simply can’t be ignored.

Deal Dive: VC interest in wildfire tech grows as the world burns around us

As wildfires continue to become a larger threat, the group of entrepreneurs looking to create tech solutions grows with it.

With $20M in new funding, Hydrosat preps climate-monitoring satellites for launch

Data is becoming as precious as water in precision agriculture, and Hydrosat aims to help provide both with a new set of Earth observation satellites. The company has raised a $20 million A round, inc

Threading the needle: 5 questions for National Grid Partners’ Lisa Lambert

Environmental and social concerns should be top of mind right now for any smart investor, says National Grid Partners founder Lisa Lambert.

13 VCs talk about the state of robotics investing in 2023

We spoke to 13 of the top robotics VCs to discuss where the category is and what the future looks like.

Alga Biosciences wants to help climate change, one bovine burp at a time

Cows are a significant source of methane emissions, primarily due to their unique digestive system. Milk and beef cows are ruminants, which means they have a specialized stomach chamber (called the ru

When life gives you carbon, make Carbonaide

Finnish startup Carbonaide has just raised €1.8 million in seed funding to knock down concrete’s carbon emissions, but not the construction industry.

Forget banks: Investors should be worrying about the climate

Where the fuck is the panic?

The Climate Choice wants to make supply chain emissions more visible and more green

The World Economic Forum says that so-called “Scope 3 emissions,” — or CO2 in supply chains — can make up as much as 90% of a company’s carbon footprint, and worldwide more t

Planet A Ventures comes out of the door with a €160M European, science-backed climate fund

These days climate investing is hot — if you will pardon the awful pun — but the days of just raising a fund and calling it “climate focused” are well and truly over. The market is sorting out

Want to buy an EV or heat pump? New coin will help you defray the costs

Fintech startup Future offers a debit card that incentivizes climate-friendly purchasing behavior, and today it’s introducing a way to let people sell their own carbon credits.

Risilience, a climate analytics and risk assessment platform for enterprises, raises $26M

Risilience, a SaaS-based analytics platform that helps companies assess their climate risk and plan their transition toward net-zero carbon emissions, has raised $26 million in a Series B round of fu

How companies at CES are taking on climate change (or pretending to)

I can’t get it out of my head: A honkingly big Caterpillar sign that read, “JOIN US AS WE BUILD A BETTER WORLD.” The digital recruitment billboard at CES 2023 followed promos for an autonomous c

Hot takes: How TechCrunch+ covered climate tech in 2022

Climate tech is more relevant than ever in 2022, so we rounded up our hottest TechCrunch+ climate coverage over the past year.

TechCrunch+ roundup: VC trick questions, building 3-case models, B2B sales coaching

I have nothing personal against investors, but sitting in a room with one while I try to sell them on my billion-dollar idea sounds very stressful.

Private investors appear key to COP27’s ‘loss and damage’ fund for vulnerable countries

COPs are traditionally about setting targets, and COP27 finally gives countries a tool to achieve them.

Carbon Re spins out of academia-land to take on cement pollution

Spinning out of top U.K. universities Cambridge University and UCL, Carbon Re just raised £4.2 million ($4.8 million) in a bid to tackle the gigatonnes of carbon emissions spewing forth from the trad

Personal carbon-cutting app Joro raises $10M Series A from Sequoia, Jay-Z’s Arrive

Joro raised a $10 million Series A led by Sequoia Capital and Amasia. They were joined by Norrsken, Nest co-founder Matt Rogers’ Incite, Jay-Z’s Arrive and Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger.

Earthmover to bring petascale data tools to climate tech with $1.7M pre-seed

Large-scale data analytics has transformed the business world in recent years. Earthmover aims to bring it to climate tech.
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