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  • NASA’s new sea level site puts climate change papers, data, and tools online

    NASA’s new sea level site puts climate change papers, data, and tools online

    NASA took the wraps off a new website on Monday dedicated to tracking global changes in the sea level. It’s packed full of free online resources that will likely be useful to teachers, the climate-change-curious, and anyone just looking to dig into publicly available data. Read More

  • It’s Your Fault If The Paris Climate Agreement Fails Crunch Network

    It’s Your Fault If The Paris Climate Agreement Fails

    In Paris, world leaders debated how much global CO2 emissions could be reduced, who would pay for it and how could they trust each other to follow through. This top-down, regulatory approach to addressing a highly distributed problem is a necessary but insufficient step to make a dent in rising global temperatures. Policies and international treaties are important to address climate change… Read More

  • Controversial Climate-Change Solution May Be In The Clouds Crunch Network

    Controversial Climate-Change Solution May Be In The Clouds

    In a move that has some environmentalists up in arms, a group of retired Silicon Valley engineers and scientists are proposing a new approach to fighting climate change. They want to brighten clouds. It’s one of the many solutions being proposed in the controversial industry of geoengineering. Read More

  • Climate Change-Denying Senator Ted Cruz Will Oversee NASA

    Climate Change-Denying Senator Ted Cruz Will Oversee NASA

    Senator Ted Cruz of Texas will chair the Senate subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, providing him with an oversight role of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA. That slight twinge you felt was the proper emotion. The Senator, by way of a single example, tried to reduce NASA funding to be, in his view, compliant with a Federal spending cut. Read More

  • White House Crowdsources Campaign To Prove Climate Change Problems

    White House Crowdsources Campaign To Prove Climate Change Problems

    The White House needs a few good data scientists to help its climate change campaign. Instead of creating all of the doomsday scenarios itself, the White House is opening up government data so that researchers can create their own simulations and also help the cities prepare for the impacts. “The Obama Administration is today issuing a call to America’s top private-sector innovators… Read More

  • Why Leading A Company Is Like Poker With The Climate Corp's David Friedberg

    Founder Stories: Climate Corp’s David Friedberg On Why Leading A Company Is Like Playing Poker

    For this week’s Founder Stories, I sat down with David Friedberg of The Climate Corporation to talk about building a business around big data and machine learning. The Climate Corporation collects data and tracks weather patterns on a field by field level to aid farmers in better planning agricultural operations. The company uses this data to offer insurance policies to individual… Read More

  • Facebooking While Rome Burns

    Facebooking While Rome Burns

    I’m an optimist, I really am, especially when it comes to technology and its ability to transform the world. But today I can’t shake the feeling that we as a species are really screwing up. Guess what? “There is no hope of saving the global coral reef ecosystem.” How’s that for depressing? Meanwhile, even those few scientists who previously doubted that climate… Read More

  • To Help Companies Curb Their Environmental Impact, Enablon Raises $15 Million

    A French software company, Enablon, has raised a series A round of $15 million from the Environmental Technology Fund (ETF) in the U.K. Enablon’s enterprise software helps companies understand how much water, energy, chemicals and other resources they use, and how much they waste or pollute so that ultimately they can defray costs— financial and otherwise— associated with… Read More

  • Highlights (And Low Budgets) From The ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2011

    Today marked the last day of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) 2011 summit in Washington D.C. Here are some of the deals and agency decisions revealed or discussed at the summit, which are likely to impact green tech investors and startups in America for years to come. Progress on seed investments… The D.O.E. boasted that six, private… Read More

  • Google Earth Engine Revealed At COP 16

    Today at the United Nations’ conference on climate change COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico introduced its latest philanthropic project, the Google Earth Engine— an analytics tool for earth scientists and conservationists especially. dubs their product “a planetary-scale platform for environmental data & analysis.” A product web page said… Read More

  • Countries And Companies Talk Climate Change At COP 16 In Cancun

    The United Nations Climate Change Conference kicked off yesterday in Cancun, Mexico. Delegates from 192 nations are attending through December 10, hoping to determine a collective, international approach to slowing and preparing countries for an increase in global temperatures. Conference goals— laid out at an opening address by Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the U.N. Read More