Arkon Energy raises $110M to grow US bitcoin mining capacity, launch AI cloud service in Norway

About $80 million will be used to build new data centers in Ohio, North Carolina and Texas as part of a plan to increase the company’s total megawatts by 130% by mid-2024.

Will batteries usher in a new era of global energy sovereignty?

Will stored energy in batteries be subject to the same global economic and geopolitical forces that shaped fossil fuels?

Australian clean tech Endua fixes renewable energy’s intermittency problem

  One major problem with renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro is intermittency. This means they cannot be relied on constantly since, for example, the sun might stop shining or it

To fix the climate, these 10 investors are betting the house on the ocean

Founders and investors have a growing appreciation for the ocean’s potential to help solve the climate problem.

Orbital Sidekick raises $10M to bring hyperspectral imaging to oil and gas pipeline monitoring

Historically, oil and gas companies have monitored pipeline leaks using inefficient, expensive methods: workers equipped with handheld optical gas imaging cameras, for example. Or, as Orbital Sidekick

Noon Energy brings Mars tech down to Earth with carbon-oxygen battery system

Noon Energy sucked in $28 million Series A to store excess wind and solar energy using reversible fuel cells powered by carbon dioxide.

US offshore oil and gas rigs at ‘significant’ risk of cyberattacks, warns government watchdog

U.S. offshore oil and gas infrastructure faces “significant and increasing” cybersecurity risks that require “urgent” attention, a U.S. government’s watchdog has warned. The Gove

Rising energy costs are making the cloud more expensive

Rising energy costs are making cloud services more expensive to operate, particularly in Europe. Here's how -- and why.

Ideon Technologies digs up $16M Series A to use particle physics to find critical minerals

The startup’s technology promises to significantly slash some of the the time and expense of mineral exploration while also allowing mining companies to be more targeted in their extraction efforts.

OurCrowd announces its new $200M Global Health Equity Fund

OurCrowd, the global crowdfunding venture firm, today announced its newest fund. As the organization announced at today’s Clinton Global Initiative event in New York, it is partnering with the WHO F

Now that the Ethereum Merge is behind us, what’s next?

Although the Merge was a huge feat, there are plenty more upgrades planned for the Ethereum blockchain down the road.

‘The Merge’ could be good news for China’s Ethereum enthusiasts

When China banned cryptocurrency mining and trading, many saw it as putting an end to a burgeoning industry in the world’s second-largest economy. As it turned out, the country’s crypto i

North Korea’s Lazarus hackers are exploiting Log4j flaw to hack US energy companies

Security researchers have linked a new cyber espionage campaign targeting U.S., Canadian and Japanese energy providers to the North Korean state-sponsored Lazarus hacking group. Threat intelligence co

The YoloBox Pro is a one-stop shop for your live video productions

Somehow, we all became livestreamers during the pandemic, even if it just meant rearranging our office shelves for a better Zoom background. But the pandemic was also a boon for those catering to clie

One startup’s solution to the carbon-offsetting mess: Downgrade the ‘middle-men’ resellers

As well as the traditional carbon offset resellers and exchanges such as Climate Partner or Climate Impact X, the tech space has also produced a few, including Patch (U.S.-based, raised $26.5 million)

Disdain for NFTs in video games is part of a slow green revolution

NFTs aside, the video game industry is often left out when we talk about industries that have a major impact on the environment.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Gen Z VCs, choosing a GTM model, crypto crisis communication tips

To be clear: Most investors want to say “yes.” No one becomes a venture capitalist just so they can stomp on someone’s dreams.

Honda and LG Energy plan to build a $4.4 billion lithium-ion plant in the US

Honda is the latest car company with plans to manufacture lithium-ion batteries in the U.S. The automaker said Monday it is forming a joint venture with LG Energy Solutions to supply the North America

This new $100M fund plans to focus on startups accelerating the science around longevity

Longevity-focused startups have been proliferating in recent years as we become more focused on our health. However, it’s not just about apps to get you in the gym. Longevity startups can range from

Tesla doesn’t need to hit the panic button over China heat wave disruptions just yet

Some parts of China are suffering from record high temperatures in the past few weeks, prompting local governments to halt industrial power use, including those of battery plants. When news reaches th
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