A smart highlighter and artificial window are among Samsung’s latest C-Lab spinoffs

Samsung’s in-house incubator C-Lab has produced some of the more fascinating hardware devices in recent memory. Previous graduates have run the gamut from smart belts to augmented reality. The Samsung staff’s pet projects are not always the most practical, but they’re never not interesting.

Per usual, the latest batch of graduates from the 9.5-year-old incubator is a wide ranging group. The two that jump out immediately are Hyler and SunnyFive. The first is a “smart highlighter” that digitizes the text you draw over. That information is transferred onto a connected mobile device and saved into the easily searchable Hyler app.

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SunnyFive is one of the more dystopian entries. The “window-shaped device” generates fake sunlight to provide vitamin D and all of the real benefits of the sun in basements and other windowless environments. Essentially a sun therapy lamp in the shape of a window, the  product promises a piece of the sun, without drawbacks like sunburns and skin damage.

Also on the list are Haxby, a study service that recommends help based on wrong workbook answers; UV exposure sensor RootSensor and 3D effects generator, Blockbuster. Samsung will help foster the startups with resources over a five-year (non-artificial) window.