Download the new, completely redesigned TechCrunch mobile app

The TechCrunch mobile app was in dire need of a refresh, so we rebuilt it from the ground up. Starting today, you can download the new app in the iOS App Store or Google Play store. If you already have the old version of the app installed on your phone, all you need to do is update it to get the new version.

Rather than recreate our mobile website as an app, we decided to focus on the things that native mobile apps can do better than mobile web that can benefit readers. The new app sports a modernized interface that is fast and fun to interact with, and has conveniences like offline sync and personalized push notifications baked-in, front and center.

One of the biggest changes with the new app is that you can now customize your experience by selecting topics that interest you most. Once you pick your topics, you’ll not only get a personalized section of news within the app, you’ll also be able to get push notifications for breaking news related to your chosen topics. This ensures that you’ll be the first to know about big stories that matter to you, and will also save you time when browsing our stories.

We’ve added a “save for later” feature because we know you don’t always have time to read news right when it breaks. The “save for later” feature will let you access articles even when you are offline, so you can catch up on the plane, subway or anywhere you are.

Crunchbase data profiles have also been included in the new version of the app to add additional context to the stories you read. The data profiles are visible at the bottom of each article and can be expanded to read more about the company included within the article.

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Feedback on the new app is important to us, so please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. If you love the new app, we’d also appreciate you rating it in the App Store or Google Play store.

Download the new app now in the iOS App Store or Google Play store.