Amazon’s noir fantasy series to land Cara Delevingne in star role

Amazon has a new fantasy series coming to its streaming service, which is “a fantasy-noir set in a neo-Victorian city,” according to Deadline. All eight episodes of the show, called Carnival Row, were picked up by Amazon, which means it won’t go through the usual pilot process Amazon uses to test much of its Prime Video original programming.

That’s probably because alongside newly announced star Cara Delevingne, Orlando Bloom was perviously revealed to star as another lead, acting as a police inspector tracking down the murder of a faerie in the world, which blends Victorian-era surroundings with mythical beasts and beings, who inhabit the world because they’ve had to take refuge from their own fairy-tale lands.

Delevingne’s character is a faerie, too, and one who carries her own secrets. The faerie folk apparently face a lot of discrimination from the human population, which means this could contain some veiled commentary for current geopolitical climates.

I’m all for anything fantasy and sci-fi, so this sounds great, especially since it brings together Valerian star Delevingne and a genuine former elf in what sounds like a hardboiled detective story. Carnival Row is kicking off production this fall, with a planned premiere date of sometime in 2019.