Campaign Monitor acquires Tagga to boost email marketing with customer data

Email marketing company Campaign Monitor is announcing that it has acquired Tagga.

Founded in 2008, Tagga is a customer data platform, which means businesses can use it to combine user data from different sources and create different segments to target with marketing campaigns.

Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard said that as personalization becomes a key part of email marketing, platforms like Tagga will play a bigger role. In particular, he sees a big opportunity to plug customer data platforms into the systems that actually manage email marketing campaigns — like Campaign Monitor.

“The opportunity that we saw in this market … was to take a system of intelligence and marry it with a system of engagement,” Bard said. “We want to bring those two together in a really seamless experience, actually have a next-gen CRM system capturing data, creating dynamic profiles informing hyper-segmentation, using that to deliver something hyper-personalized to the right user at the right time and ultimately giving you feedback on what the result of that was.”

In fact, Bard said Campaign Monitor and Tagga were already collaborating before the acquisition, although they will continue working to deepen the integration between the two products. At the same time, he said Campaign Monitor customers will still be able to work with other data platforms: “For us, whatever data our customers want to use, and wherever that data lives, we want to be able to bring that data into Campaign Monitor.”

The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Bard said the Tagga team will be joining Campaign Monitor and will continue to work out of the Tagga office in Toronto, at least for now.