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Reddit is removing ability to opt out of ad personalization based on your activity on the platform

Reddit said Wednesday that the platform is revamping its privacy settings with an aim to make ad personalization and account visibility toggles consistent. Most notably though, it is removing the abil

TikTok content to be featured on 3K+ Redbox kiosks

Redbox, the operator of DVD rental kiosks, today announced a new deal with TikTok that allows the company to feature popular content from the short-form video app on more than 3,000 Redbox kiosks nati

Roku users can buy products from Shopify merchants with their TV remote

Roku is partnering with Shopify to give users the ability to purchase products from Shopify merchants through their TVs, the hardware company announced Tuesday. Viewers will be able to interact with a

LinkedIn is the next social network to offer AI-powered tools for ad copies

Weeks after Meta launched a suite of generative AI-based tools to help advertisers create different campaigns, LinkedIn has introduced its own tool to suggest different copies of an ad. The company sa

Meta announces generative AI features for advertisers

Meta today announced an AI Sandbox for advertisers to help them create alternative copies, background generation through text prompts and image cropping for Facebook or Instagram ads. The first featur

Meta wants to use generative AI to create ads

Major tech organizations are racing to ship generative AI tools. And yet, a few companies have remained silent, including Apple and Meta. Today, the organization led by Mark Zuckerberg said that it ai

Pitch Deck Teardown: MiO Marketplace’s $550K angel deck

MiO Marketplace, a platform for media publishers and buyers, shared the deck it used to raise an angel round of $550,000 at a $3.6 million pre-money valuation.

TikTok adds new targeting and boosting features to its Promote advertising tool

TikTok is adding new targeting and boosting features for its Promote advertising tool, the company announced on Wednesday. Promote first launched in 2021 as a way for creators to turn vertical videos

Twitter partners with DoubleVerify and IAS on brand safety initiative amid advertiser exits

Amid declining ad revenue and advertiser exits, Twitter announced today that it has teamed up with adtech companies DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science (IAS) to tell advertisers if their ad is placed

TikTok parent ByteDance just bought a hospital group in China

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is making some pretty heavy bets on the healthcare space as it acquired Amcare, which runs high-end children’s and women’s hospitals across China. T

Hold-outs targeted in fresh batch of noyb GDPR cookie consent complaints

Just over a year after launching a major project targeting thousands of sites blatantly flouting cookie tracking rules in Europe, regional privacy campaign group noyb has fired off another batch of co

DuckDuckGo removes carve-out for Microsoft tracking scripts after securing policy change

A few months on from a tracking controversy hitting privacy-centric search veteran, DuckDuckGo, the company has announced it’s been able to amend terms with Microsoft, its search syndication par

Sensitive data ruling by Europe’s top court could force broad privacy reboot

A ruling put out yesterday by the European Union’s top court could have major implications for online platforms that use background tracking and profiling to target users with behavioral ads or

How to run growth marketing during a recession

How does one build, scale and navigate the headwinds of a recession, especially as consumer behavior changes dramatically?

Peacock’s paid subscribers stayed flat at 13 million, losses widen to $467 million

Peacock, the streaming service of Comcast’s NBCUniversal, ended the second quarter with 13 million paid subscribers, parent company Comcast reported this morning. In the first quarter, there were 13

Google delays move away from cookies in Chrome to 2024

Google is again delaying plans to phase out Chrome’s use of third-party cookies — the files websites use to remember preferences and track online activity. In a blog post, Anthony Chavez,

Seedtag, the ex-Googler-founded, cookie-free, AI-based adtech startup, taps $250M+ in funding

As regulation, platform dynamics and consumer choice continue to eat into the adtech stalwart known as cookies, it’s leaving a gap in the market for advertising solutions that can work well with

Private equity descends on Chartbeat

Chartbeat, a website that tells publishers about their readers, is getting the private equity treatment. Launched out of Betaworks in 2009, the service offered real-time analytics back when Google Ana

Is the advertising market in trouble?

Are we seeing the ad market truly tumble? And if so, what should we expect to shake out from the decline?

Why investors see the potential in AI-powered, copy-generating adtech companies

Sophisticated AI systems like OpenAI’s GPT-3 can write prose that’s impressively human-like, or at least good enough to fool the average person. They’ve been used to generate essays,
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