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Ad king Sir Martin Sorrell steps down from WPP following misconduct investigation

There’s big news in the world of advertising. Sir Martin Sorrell has stepped down from WPP, the world’s largest ad business. Sorrell had been in the midst of an unspecified investigation a

Facebook will cut off access to third party data for ad targeting

In a surprise change, Facebook will give up one major data source that the company uses to help advertisers target relevant users on the platform. The company just announced that it will end a feature

The first ad network for Alexa Skills shuts down following Amazon’s policy changes

A series of policy changes at Amazon that detail how advertising will be supported within Alexa’s voice-enabled apps, called “Skills,” have now had their first casualty: VoiceLabs. T

Congress just voted to let internet providers sell your browsing history

Less than a week after the Senate voted to empower internet service providers to freely share private user data with advertisers, the House has weighed in, too. Today in a 215-205 vote on Senate Joint

Facebook updates its ad policies and tools to protect against discriminatory practices

Facebook announced in November that it would stop advertisers from targeting users by race for ads that focused on housing, employment, and credit opportunities, in response to a report that found th

Big data’s humble beginnings

Clicks. Once upon a time they were the most powerful tool in assessing online ad performance. A humble beginning, but much has changed. The data-driven measurement and predictive analytics technologie

Why privacy is the killer app 

Our world looks very different from when Steve Jobs held aloft the first iPhone in 2007. Marketers didn’t use technology beyond their website analytics, email marketing and display ads. It’s clear

Socius raises $400k seed round to fuel social storytelling

If you've seen the Condé Nast's website recently, you've seen the Socius platform in action. The startup just raised $400k from 500 Startups' Nordic Fund and Raa Invest to pour fuel on its social sto

Mobile ad tech firm Smaato acquired by China-based group for $148M

Mobile advertising company Smaato is set to become the latest technology startup to be acquired by Chinese investors, after the San Francisco firm announced that Beijing-based Spearhead Integrated Mar

Adtech is going native on steroids, hyper-personalization and consolidation

After years of VC exuberance, 2015 marked the end of an investment cycle for the adtech industry. Quite a few companies with high valuations stumbled, downsized, restructured and pivoted in order to a

Influencer marketing startup Captiv8 raises $2M

Captiv8 announced today that it has raised $2 million in seed funding. Created by the founders of mobile ad exchange Mobclix, Captiv8 is one of a number of companies connecting marketers with influen

Marketers should stop relying on hover rate

For many, the promise of digital advertising is the wealth of information that comes with every impression they buy. However, all this data becomes virtually useless when marketers employ the wrong su

The downfall of the walled garden: Here’s why iAd failed

Apple is the world’s most valuable company -- no other company even comes close. That shouldn’t be surprising, as the Silicon Valley-based company has created an unparalleled hardware culture that

Tribeca Venture Partners Closes Its Second NY-Focused Fund

Tribeca Venture Partners, a New York-based early-stage venture firm founded in 2011, is today announcing that it has closed its second fund with $107 million — significantly more than its $6

Wrapify Is A Startup Paying Drivers To Wrap Their Car In Ads

Owning a car is expensive. Gas, insurance, and other miscellaneous car-related costs add up, and mean that in some cities it’s already cheaper to replace your car with ride-sharing services like

Cross-Screen Ad Tech Startup Appier Raises $6M Series A From Sequoia Capital

Appier, an advertising technology startup, has raised a $6 million Series A from Sequoia Capital. The company, which is based in Taipei and has offices in Singapore and San Francisco, develops tech us

You’re Not Just The Product, You’re The Ads (And Your Friends Should Thank You)

Word of mouth, sponsored. Trusted recommendations, promoted. Reviews from friends, endorsed. This is the new lexicon of advertising. As the world learns to ignore traditional advertising online, tech

Google To Start Employing User Ratings And Photos In “Shared Endorsements” Ads

Google is going to start using your beautiful face and your reviews, recommendations and endorsements in its advertisements, beginning November 11, the company announced today via changes to its Terms

What I Learned About Facebook As A Feedback Panelist

Today when I opened Facebook, as I do every day, at some point, at least once, I was surprised to see the social network asking me for some time and input. Generally speaking, it asks "What's on your

Email Is The Godfather Of Native Ads, So TellApart Makes AdStack Its First Acquisition

It's dark days for email marketing. Gmail's new tabbed filters are hiding messages from brands. Email promotions have to be highly personalized in order for opens to equal clicks and conversions. Tell
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