TC Makers: We Sample The Goods At The Dogfish Head Brewery

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Beer is my favorite food. That means I was especially excited to be able to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE, a palace dedicated to the production of some of the nicest beers around.

Sam Calagione, founder of the company, wanted to make weird beers at his restaurant on the beach. As he got better – and bolder – he began experimenting with all sorts of amazing flavors including a beer aged in surfboard wood and beers that are more like wine in their intensity and flavor. Visiting the factory is like seeing an artists – or, in this case, artists at work.

Calagione took us throughout the factory from the tasting lab to the aging tanks. This unprecedented access shows you what it takes to make some really nice beer without sacrificing quality. I, for one, took home two cases and am still sucking them down a few weeks later.

  1. Dogfish Sam Biggs

  2. Dogfish Sam Biggs 3

  3. Dogfish Sam Biggs 2

  4. Dogfish Head Taps

  5. Dogfish Head Offcentered

  6. Dogfish Head OCC

  7. Dogfish Head Namaste

  8. Dogfish Head Namaste w Ingredients

  9. Dogfish Head Liquors

  10. Dogfish Head Campus

  11. Dogfish Head Brewery

  12. Dogfish Head Brewery 4

  13. Dogfish Head Brewery 3

  14. Dogfish Head Brewery 2

  15. Dogfish Head Boiler

  16. Dogfish Head Boiler 2