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TechCrunch Makers: The Lemp Brewery Is St. Louis’ Up And Coming Maker Space

A place like the Lemp Brewery is rare. This factory, built in 1840 in St. Louis, Missouri, once spewed fragrant hops steam over Cherokee Street while workers rolled barrels of beer into the natural ca

TC Makers: Goebel & Company Makes Furniture For An Old-Fashioned Future

The folks at Goebel Furniture make amazing wooden furniture the old fashioned way: the create design permutations in CAD/CAM, 3D print demo models, and then carve and shape every piece to the customer

TC Makers: Kinova Robotics Gives The Disabled A Helping Hand

Montreal-based Kinova Robotics was founded in part because of one man – the founder’s uncle, Jaco, a disabled inventor who created a manipulator for his wheelchair out of a hot dog pincher

TC Makers: We Learn How MarkForged Prints Unbreakable Objects

We first met the folks at MarkForged at CES where they showed us their printer that could create nearly unbreakable objects. By weaving carbon fiber between layers of plastic, the team made some of th

TC Makers: We Sample The Goods At The Dogfish Head Brewery

Beer is my favorite food. That means I was especially excited to be able to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE, a palace dedicated to the production of some of the nicest beers around. Sam C

TC Makers: Inside The IT Room Of A High-Tech Cruise Ship

In order to prevent electrical fires, cables on a ship can’t be spliced. This means that a cable that starts at one end of the massive Quantum Of The Seas, Royal Caribbean’s latest pleasur

TechCrunch Makers: Bonobos Headquarters Ramps Up For The Holidays

When I first approached Bonobos for an episode of TC Makers I was convinced I’d be able to visit a huge warehouse at the edge of town where a gaggle of monkeys was sewing together travel jeans a

TC Makers: TechShop, The SF Workshop Where Hardware Is Born

I get to meet some amazing people during our TC Makers shoots and TechShop CEO Mark Hatch is no exception. A former Green Beret, Hatch is the kind of guy who can build a PCB in the morning and run a m

TC Makers: Making The Future With The Team At Formlabs

A few weeks ago I visited the headquarters of Formlabs in Somerville, Mass. where I had the pleasure of meeting the entire team in their small – but growing – workshop. There I saw a repai

TC Makers: A Walk Through The Amazing Townhouse That Grado Labs Calls Home

<a target="_blank" href="">Grado Labs</a> appears to be a much bigger company than it is. Founded 60 years ago by Joseph Grado, the company made millions of phonograph cartridg

TC Makers: Check Out The Georgia Tech Invention Studio Where Students Build The Future

When you give Dr. Craig Forest an inch, he takes a mile. The mild-mannered Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Georgia Tech helped set up the Invention Studio on the first floor of a nondescript

TC Makers: Inside The American Giant Factory Where They Make The Greatest Hoodie Ever

When someone tells you they make the greatest hoodie ever, what do you do? You visit their factory outside of San Francisco and see just what all the fuss is about. Welcome to another edition of <a

TC Makers: A Walk Through The Pinball Hall Of Fame

Before Pac-Man, before Pong, before Space Invaders there was pinball. And it was good. While we were in Las Vegas this week for <a href="">CES 2014</a> we had the

TC Makers: A Return To The Textile Economy At Durham’s Spoonflower

Making custom fabric has long been the domain of the big guys. Trying anything new, whether it was having a swatch of cool fabric made or printing a custom logo on some slip covers, has required minim

TC Makers: Inside Will Rockwell’s Steampunk Workshop

Hidden amidst the winding pathways of Llewelyn Park, New Jersey, America's oldest gated community, steampunk designer Will Rockwell is building a future that never was. He began his career as a TV pro

TC Makers: A Visit To The Brooklyn Factory Where They Make The Ultracool Blink Steady Bike Light

It's rare to see the creation of a product from idea to implementation but <a target="_blank" href="">Blink Steady</a>, a unique, multi-sensor bike light, allowed us to do just t