• The Offline Glass Ensures You Talk, Not Text, At The Bar

    The Offline Glass Ensures You Talk, Not Text, At The Bar

    Tired of your friends texting on their phones while they should be getting schnockered? This clever hack is called the Offline Glass and it’s designed to ensure that you and your friends don’t sit at the bar checking Wikipedia for who starred in The Greatest American Hero and whether Tabitha will totally come out tonight oh my god she won’t she and Christian just broke up oh… Read More

  • Google Drive Has A Handy Spreadsheet Autofill Option For Beer Drinkers

    Google Drive Has A Handy Spreadsheet Autofill Option For Beer Drinkers

    Creating Google spreadsheets doesn’t have to be a boring undertaking, especially if you’re a fan of beer. Here’s a fun little autofill option that the Drive team has put into place to help you list out popular beers. Simply type the word “lager” in the A1 cell of the spreadsheet and then “ipa” in the A2 cell. Highlight both, hold the option key (or… Read More

  • Retro Beer Company Churchkey, A New Tech Investor Darling, Will Expand To San Francisco Next Month

    Retro Beer Company Churchkey, A New Tech Investor Darling, Will Expand To San Francisco Next Month

    Beer may or may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about TechCrunch Disrupt, but today, CrunchFund’s MG Siegler took the stage at our New York conference to talk to Churchkey‘s founders: Adrian Grenier, who is well-known for his role in the TV series Entourage, Justin Hawkins and Ryan Sowards. Churchkey, which was founded in 2010 and is based in the… Read More

  • Review: The Cask Widge

    Review: The Cask Widge

    Happy International Beer Day! I just finished celebrating by brewing ten gallons of smoked stout, and I’m looking forward to a draught of blonde ale from my kegerator later today. I’ve been homebrewing for about two years, and it’s a fun, practical hobby. Variety is the name of the game, both in terms of beer styles to produce but also in terms of the methods used to… Read More

  • Beer Gardens NYC App Goes 2.0 For Beer Garden Season

    Beer, the sweet elixir that draws me to the doom of oblivion, is apparently available in places called “Beer Gardens” here in NYC (and in various other locations, but this is NY-centric.) These “Gardens” are not actually gardens at all but are, in fact, large patios where people can sit and drink beer until they reach a heightened level of joviality and fun and… Read More

  • Untappd: I Will Curate My Nascent Alcoholism With This Social Drinking App

    Untappd is a beer-sharing system. You note which beer you drank where and then watch as said beer rises or falls in the ranks of beerdom. You can also find out where odd brews have popped up in your vicinity, thereby allowing you, like some inebriated, marauding Ash in Floaroma Town, to attempt to catch ’em all. The app itself runs on multiple devices but they’ve just announced… Read More

  • A First: Surly Brewing Selling DIY, "Open Source" Beer

    Surly Brewing Company in the Twin Cities is a small, popular brewhaus with some pretty exciting beers. Rather than distribute nationally, however, they’ve teamed up with NorthernBrewer to offer something fairly unique: a DIY kit featuring some of their more popular brews. Read More

  • CrunchGear's Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Guys

    Your guy is great, am I right? He’s fun, he makes you laugh, and he can, in a pinch, be counted on to do laundry. He even, occasionally, shaves! Why not reward this positive behavior the way Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, rewards an unruly dog: through forceful direction and, when the time is right, kind words and a treat. Here are a few great items for your geeky SO this… Read More

  • Beer Hour: Takara Tomy's Beer Can Dispenser

    I am not really sure if beer lovers really need this kind of gadget, but Takara Tomy is ready to sell it (in Japan only – at least initially). The company has showcased the so-called “Beer Hour” in Tokyo today, a small device that’s supposed to make it easier to pour beer from cans into glasses. Read More

  • The Bike-Mounted Leather Can Cage

    In honor of the excellent new program, Portlandia, I present to you this special, sustainable, Vegan-grown, humane leather bike-mounted can cage, a mere $45 from Etsy. Read More

  • Beer Gardens NYC iOS App Helps NYers Find Beer Gardens In Time For Oktoberfest Fun

    It’s October 1, which means that you’re average American think Oktoberfest has started. Not true: Munich’s Oktoberfest begins in mid to late September and lasts through October. A minor technicality if all you’re looking to do is celebrate the holiday best known for, well, bier and busen. In any event, there’s a handy iOS App that was just released that can help… Read More

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