• LayerNation’s El Tirador Makes Classy Layered Drinks With Science

    LayerNation’s El Tirador Makes Classy Layered Drinks With Science

    Ask and ye shall receive: when I put a call out for cool hardware start-ups, little did I know that we’d be barraged by some amazing stuff. Case-in-point: the LayerNation El Tirador, a unique drinks maker that automatically creates layered drinks using different liqueurs. LayerNation is part of the Yes Delft! incubator and is currently being tested in Europe as a fast and easy way to… Read More

  • Club W Hits $1 Million In Annualized Revenue In 12 Weeks

    Club W Hits $1 Million In Annualized Revenue In 12 Weeks

    If you love old Vitamin W as much as I do, you’ll be pleased to note that folks who are disrupting the staid old wine industry are doing well. Case in point: Club W just announced they’re on track to sell $1 million worth of wine this year, based on current annualized revenue. They also saw 11,000 unique visitors and 73,000 page views – acceptable numbers for a new business. Read More

  • Brewing TV: When homebrewers attack the web Brewing TV – Episode 1.1 from Brewing TV on Vimeo. If you’ve ever made your own booze you probably know about Northern Brewer, one of the best online brew supply stores. Well, those folks just started Brewing TV… Read More

  • Back-to-School: Advice I'd give myself if I were going to college right now

    I’ve been sitting out this Back-to-School season mostly because I’m so far removed from college and my son is only three so I don’t feel sufficiently informed enough to offer any helpful advice to you all when it comes to gear you need in the dorm. However, some of us are old enough to give you general advice. This is assuming that you are a fairly tech savvy nerd –… Read More

  • Fake golf club holds 48 ounces of booze

    Drink-dispensing golf clubs aren’t new, per se, but this one just hit SkyMall’s new arrivals section so here it is for those of you who haven’t seen it before and are looking for a good way to sneak some booze onto your local golf course. Read More

  • Disposable flask is perfect for staying nimble while on a bender

    Since today seems to be morphing into “Things That Help You Conceal Booze Day” at CrunchGear, here’s something interesting: a disposable flask. Cool leopard print, eh? Read More

  • Review: Canadian Club 30-year-old Whisky

    I’m almost 34. I was four years old when they started working on this whisky. It took us about an hour to finish about half the bottle. This $200 whisky from Canadian Club – you know, the guys from Canada who make blended whisky – have made some of the best stuff on earth. This is a limited edition version – 3,000 of these were made – and it’s as smooth as… Read More

  • Weekend Project: Turn all your fruit into shot glasses with the ShotCarver

    It’s getting warmer out, which means we’ll soon all be switching from heavy, dark wintertime beer to delicious, nutritious summertime alcohol. The ShotCarver costs $12 and can be used to create a shot-sized pockets inside apples, pears, watermelons, and more. Read More

  • Joel Johnson reviews 30-year Canadian Club

    I consider Joel my blogging mentor and when he says this whisky is good, believe him. He drinks a lot. I’m in Eugene now, and I’ve started sipping from this bottle of Canadian Club 30-Year Reserve. It’s noon and the sun is starting to shine. The dog sleeps on his bed in a parallelogram of sunlight. I need to get to my point before I blow through the rest of this day—and… Read More

  • CrunchTrip: St. George Spirits in Alameda

    I took a little tour of San Fran and the surrounding islands and hamlets including the beautiful little seaside town of Oakland and the paradise that is the Alameda Naval Base. Amazingly, among the brownfields of that very same island we find St. George Spirits, a tiny distillery that makes a really mean brew. Read More

  • Inappropriate Drink Name of the Day

    We reviewed a bottle of tequila a little while ago and they just contacted us with some handy tips for holiday entertaining. One of the recipes? Maestro’s Moment of Clarity
    2 oz Maestro Dobel Tequila
    ¾ oz simple syrup
    2 oz dashed Regan’s orange bitters In a pint glass, add all spirits and mixers. With a bar spoon stir for 20-30 sec. Strain into a cocktail glass. For garnish: with… Read More