A Gift Guide For The Tech-Friendly Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets are always a good option if there’s someone on your list that likes to cook, craft, bake and do whatever else in the culinary way. There’s a lot out there that can help simplify the cooking process, enable the creation of new types of dishes, and just generally improve the overall quality and health benefits of the food you eat.

Blendtec Designer 725 Blender

Will it blend? That’s the tagline and video series that turned Blendtec into a viral hit among tech enthusiasts, but these blenders can handle a lot more than just smashing expensive gadgets to bits. In terms of foods, they can puree just about anything, and if you’re a fan of smoothies, soups or juices, the Designer 725 hasn’t met a root vegetable or frozen pear it couldn’t turn into a smooth, deliciously drinkable meal.

Juicepresso Cold Pressed Juicer

If you’re looking for cold pressed juice, which is all the rage in coffee and dedicated juice stops popping up just about everywhere, the new Juicepresso is a good pick, thanks to dishwasher friendly parts, a juicing method that will produce up to 40% more juice and and a finished product that doesn’t immediately separate in the fridge.

Belkin WeMo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Slow cooking is already pretty easy, but the WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot created by Belkin and the industry leader in slow-cooker tech makes it even easier thanks to smartphone control over time and temperature. Running late? Turn down the heat from the board room.

The Orange Chef Prep Pad

A good diet involves balanced nutrition, not anything else – regardless of whatever cleanse you may currently have been swindled by. The Orange Chef Prep Pad will help with that balancing act, as it packs a scale that can tell you the nutritional breakdown of virtually any kind of food or even entire meals placed on its surface.

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount

An oldie but a goody, this under-cabinet mount for your iPad (any generation) will let you use your device while you’re prepping food, so you can watch instructional videos or read recipes and instructions with ease. Hop over to Netflix if you’re in clean-up mode and waiting for the cake to rise.

iGrill2 Wireless Thermometer

Cooking with a thermometer is a great way to allay the fears of family members regarding whether or not the turkey is properly cooked, without having to err on the side of caution and dry the damned thing out.

iKettle WiFi Kettle

Tea enthusiasts will have boiling water ready for their morning or afternoon cup without having to think about it, with remote boiling and variable temperature control, as well as automatic boiling based on geofencing and morning wake up time.