The Sonos Boost Expands Your Musical Reach

Wireless music player maker, Sonos, has released the Boost, an add-on to their system that allows Sonos devices to work up to 50% further than the standard Wi-Fi range – 90 feet as compared to about 60 feet for the average Wi-Fi hotspot. The Boost device also improves signal intensity and, more important, creates a dedicated network for Sonos devices, protecting from the vagaries of your home network.

While the average users doesn’t need nearly 100 feet of coverage, the Boost seems to be aimed at homes with a little more square footage. The $99 box connects to your router and is more powerful than the standard Sonos Bridge, the little device that was once required to connect Sonos’ whole home audio solution. The Boost also transmits in 360 degrees around the box, ensuring even coverage over the whole home.

The Boost connects to your router and, like the Bridge, creates a dedicated wireless network that connects all of your Sonos devices together. It’s a clever solution to a fairly rare problem and could reduce the pain of missing every note of that Santana guitar solo or Allan Sherman bike horn honk.