Here’s What HTC’s Next Flagship Phone Might Look Like


Oh, you thought HTC’s 5-inch flagship phone One (M8) was already big? Just you wait.

I’d heard whispers on more than a few occasions that HTC’s next flagship would come in with a big ol’ 5.5-inch display. Sure enough, renders of such a mammoth have just leaked out.

Released by the shockingly reliable Evleaks, the animation below is said to show off HTC’s plus-sized followup to the One M8 — a device that, for now at least, is being dubbed the One M8 Prime.

At first glance, it looks a whole lot like the original One M8. The main visual difference: the camera now juts out a bit, rather than being sunken into the body of the device. (Oh, and, of course, it’d have to be a good bit bigger in order to account for the larger screen.)


The camera on the One M8 was one of few things that reviewers and fans found to criticize with HTC’s otherwise damned-solid handset; if the camera on the M8 Prime is being redesigned, it’s a good sign that HTC has tried to address its sometimes lackluster performance.

But what’s inside this thing? Is it just a scaled up M8? If the current seemingly-sound rumors hold true, not quite. The unconfirmed innards:

– The display is said to run at 2560×1440 (versus 1920 x 1080 on the current M8)
– 3 GB RAM (versus 2 GB)
– Runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 chipset

Call me nuts, but I think HTC (and LG, etc.) are sort of just seeing what they can get away with at this point with these displays. They know theres a point where “big” becomes “too big” — so now they’re just tip-toeing up to the line until they start feeling resistance.

Having used the 5″ display of a Nexus 5 for a few months, I already find myself having to stretch my thumbs across the display on the regular. Adding another 0.5″ just seems like tacking another blade onto the razor; a spec for the sake of spec.

[via: Evleaks]