uTest Launches Applause, An iOS And Android Mobile App Analytics Dashboard With A Klout-Like Score

Boston-based uTest just announced a new product, Applause. It’s a mobile app analytics service that has two key advantages. It works across Apple’s App Store and Google Play and it gives an easy-to-understand score, reminiscent of other scoring services such as social influence startup Klout.

At the core of Applause, the new service will gather reviews for a single app available on both iOS and Android. Developers will then get a review stream, a tag cloud of the most common used words, a rating breakdown, a chronological evolution, and finally the 0-100 Applause score.

For example, Yelp currently has a 78 Applause score, Spotify 77. But a score without any comparison point is worthless. That’s why developers will be able to see how their apps stacks up against competitors or an earlier version of their own apps. Each app gets an individual score breakdown across ten different attributes, including content, elegance, pricing or usability.

Cross-platform compatibility is a key advantage compared to other mobile app analytics products. uTest claims to index more than 50 million app reviews across 1.1 million iOS and Android apps. The platform has a lot of catching up to do, with Apple offering over 775,000 apps and the Google Play store nearly matching it with over 700,000 apps.

As the traditional five-star ratings is often skewed towards five-star or one-star reviews, Applause provides another metric based on the actual written reviews. For now, the service appears to be free. It should tell developers what they should work on for the next version.

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