TuneUp Doesn’t Just Clean Up Your Music Library — Now It Provides Lyrics, Too

TuneUp, the iTunes plug-in that improves your music library by fixing mislabeled songs, adding missing cover art, and the like, is introducing a fun new feature today — the ability to view the lyrics of whatever song you’re playing.

It’s not like you couldn’t find the lyrics on your own, but this should be pretty convenient, especially if you’re already using TuneUp. (The plug-in now has more than 10 million registered users.) The company’s online marketing manager Joe Frabotta tells me today’s launch is part of a larger company effort to focus on engagement. In other words, TuneUp doesn’t just want to be a music utility that works behind the scenes, but also something people actively use “to further explore and connect with the music they love.”

So starting now, if you open TuneUp, the plug-in will update. Once it’s updated, just start playing a song, open the Tuniverse tab, and you’ll see the lyrics. Those lyrics are pulled from Gracenote, like the ones presented in TuneUp’s free smartphone app.

TuneUp Lyrics

However, to see full song lyrics, you actually need to be a paying TuneUp customer. If you’re on a trial plan, you’ll just see a preview of four to six lines. And hey, if that sounds tempting, TuneUp is also offering a discount for TechCrunch readers. Click on this link and you’ll automatically get 25 percent off. (The plug-in normally costs $39.95 per year or $49.95 for a one-time purchase.)