Balderton Capital Invests In Web Backup Startup Archify

One of the most frustrating online experiences for me is trying to track down a web page or tweet that I saw a few days ago. If I’m lucky, I bookmarked the page or favorited the tweet, but most of the time I haven’t, and so I can only sit there and fume.

So basically, a startup called Archify is the answer to my prayers. It’s a browser plugin that tracks every website you visit (excluding https pages and websites you visit in Incognito mode), and also allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts for archiving. Then, when you’re trying to find something later, you just search the archives like you’d search the Web.

Archify, which was founded in Vienna and is moving its headquarters to Berlin, just announced that it has raised a seed round of undisclosed size from Balderton Capital.

The service is still in closed beta testing. The founders invited me in, but I haven’t played with it enough to write much of a review. I will say that the figuring out all the knobs and dials is a little confusing, but hey, that’s what private betas are for, and I like the concept enough that I’m willing to persevere.