Ambient Field Conditioner Will Condition Your Ambient Field

If you didn’t get everything you wanted this holiday and still have a few thousand left over, why not blow it on a box that you put next to your stereo that literally does nothing for the circuitry inside? This box by Less Loss is a “shield” that keeps “noise” out of your stereo. It costs (I’m not making this up) $1,323.

The box, when paired with $700 RCA cables, promises to reduce noise in your stereo equipment and, as one reviewer noted, it will cause your body to spasm wildly.

Before, my system sounded great, but my foot only tapped about half the time. Now with all LessLoss cords, including their digital cable, every time the music plays I can’t keep my feet still.”

To be clear, I’m not recommending you buy this. I do, however, recommend you check out their website for some of the most mind-blowing audiophile snake oil I’ve seen in a long time. As one BoingBoing commenter writes, “Magical audio equipment is merely another manifestation of the property that cults sometimes emerge by themselves from the ambient field of idiocy.”