The EXOdesk Is A Poor Man’s Microsoft Surface, But It’s Still Dripping With Multitouch Awesomeness (Video)

Raise your hand if you want a Microsoft Surface for a desk? Everyone, right? Of course. It’s the hottest thing out of Redmond since this picture set. But they’re damn expensive. There’s no way I’d use one for my desk. I spilled coffee on my desk just 10 minutes ago. Instead, if I was a member of the 1%, I’d buy a Surface and hang it on the wall. So you know, it was safe from me and my offspring.

EXOpc has an alternative: the EXOdesk. It seems to have most of the Surface’s magic and it only costs $1,299. That’s within the price justification range of some of the 99 percenters!

The EXOdesk is set for a CES 2012 debut but the company just released this teaser video. Stick with it. The video gets exponentially more interesting. EXOpc says it will only cost $1,299 when it’s released next year. Of course they’re not stating the hardware chops of the screen or computer just yet. But it at least looks awesome. With the current Surface incarnation, the Sasmung SUR40, costing $8,400, the lower-priced EXOdesk seems like a fun device even if it’s not as capable. We’ll no doubt seek out the EXOdesk at CES but in the mean time check out the teaser below.