Spotify Lands On Windows Phone 7.5 Devices Today

Spotify just seems to be popping up everywhere, doesn’t it? In addition to the myriad media streamers and network receivers that Spotify has been appearing on lately, the music streaming service has just entered some wild and woolly new territory: Windows Phone 7.5.

Yep, it took the Spotify team long enough (especially considering they’ve been working on it since at least April), but Redmond devotees will finally be able to get their streaming groove on.

Spotify has been available on most major smartphone platforms for a while now, from mainstays like Android and iOS to even dying operating systems like MeeGo. All that extra time seems to have gone into giving the app a nice Metro facelift though, which is sure to please ardent Mango fans.

Swiping back and forth in typical Windows Phone fashion allows users to navigate between new releases, playlists, friend feeds, and the like. Spotify also wins a few brownie points (in my book, anyway) for setting up their live tile to display playlist information — a particularly thoughtful use of live tiles if ever there was one.

The new Spotify Mango app is set to go live in the Windows Phone Marketplace sometime today, but no further details were divulged. Sorry Spotifans: guess you’ll just have to stick it out a little longer.

Image credit: @tomwarren