Onkyo Updates Receivers And Remote App With Spotify Support

Attention all Onkyo-using music lovers: if you’ve felt like your life has been too quiet as of late, a new update for the Onkyo Remote Android app may be just what the doctor ordered.

Onkyo has announced that they have added support for Spotify Premium to their free app, and that a handful of their network-enabled receivers and home theater systems will be updated to play nicely with it.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the units that, after a quick software update, will be able to pump out all your favorite Spotify jams:

Receivers: TX-NR609/709/809/1009/3009/5009 and HT-RC360/370
Home Theater Systems: HT-S7400/7409/8400/8409 and 9400THX

If you happen to use one (or more) of those components, then congratulations! The update is available to download now, so your sweet home theater system should be ready to blast all those carefully-crafted playlists in time for your Halloween party.

Even if your receiver isn’t listed, you can rest easy: Onkyo will be extending Spotify support to a few more models when November comes. Sure, the boat will have sailed on that Halloween party, but maybe you can make it a particularly musical Thanksgiving instead.