Eric Schmidt Finally Appears On Google+

For a company that is supposed to eat its own dog food, Google has been criticized for how few of its senior executives are visible on Google+. You can find +Larry and +Sergey there, and now so too is executive chairman +Eric Schmidt.

Of course, Schmidt might have been there all along, just not sharing in public. After all, that is the point of Circles. It’s pretty clear that everyone at Google uses Google+ internally, and sometimes those posts even get shared inadvertently. But now Schmidt is sharing in public as well. His first post about two hours ago are links to his remembrances of Steve Jobs on Charlie Rose, CNBC, and in BusinessWeek.

For some reason, Schmidt’s profile photo is a picture of himself which looks like it is from 20 years ago when he was at Sun. Time to update that photo. Perhaps he could take a cue from Google founder Sergey Brin, who shares amazing photos on Google+ of whales, tortoises and skydiving pics.

Any top Google exec needs to be careful what they share publicly because they do represent the company, even on Google+. But they can also take the natural curiosity people have about their lives and thoughts and use it to showcase hat Google+ is all about. If they don’t use and love their products, why should the rest of us?