PapayaMobile Integrates Android In-App Billing

As we heard last week, Google is finally rolling out its much awaited in-app payment and billing system. Papaya Mobile, the developer of a plug and play technology that incorporates social gaming elements into iOS and Android games, is announcing that it is integrating Android’s in-app billing on its social gaming network.

The company says that the new billing platform will enable 10 million Papaya users to engage in microtransactions. PapayaMobile will also integrate Android’s In-App billing into its Social SDK and Game Engine products.

Papaya Farm HD will be the first game in the company’s portfolio to roll out the new in-app billing system with other PapayaMobile games to immediately follow. Papaya has made a big bet on developing for the Android platform, so a seamless, iOS-like billing solution is certain to make micropayments easier in within its games. Disney is also one of the first developers to use the in-app billing system from Google.