Social network for business XING hits 10 million members

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XING, the European social network for business professionals, has recently passed the ten million registered user mark (even if it still advertises 9 million members on its main website).

The publicly-listed company says the second quarter of this year proved to be XING’s most successful period of member growth in the last 15 months.

XING, which was founded back in 2003, adds that it also yielded the best operating results in the history of the company in that same quarter.

XING is, perhaps unsurprisingly considering its German roots, particularly hot in German-speaking countries, where 4.2 million of its now 10 million users hail from.

XING’s core international markets, Turkey and Spain, are also experiencing accelerating member growth with the former reaching nearly 1 million users and Spain recently passing the 1.5 million users mark. XING has set up key strategic offices in Barcelona and Istanbul to support its growth in those regions.

The company recently announced that it will launch a major new product initiative this fall, featuring a revamped design along with a host of enhancements to the user navigation and brand new features such as the mobile Handshake.

For the sake of comparison: Europe’s Viadeo claims to have signed up 30 million business professionals to date, while LinkedIn boasts more than 75 million members.

  • Vishal

    Congrats Xing.. great time for such businesses.. wondering what is the secret sauce that worked for their subscriber jump?


  • vikash

    Dont understand why they still flashing 9 million users if they Hit 10 million


  • steliyan

    Which one do you like more? Xing or LinkedIn:

  • Pankaj Gupta

    COngratulations XING.. Hope to see you in top list next year :)

  • Roberto

    1) viadeo and 30 million users? Come on ..

    2) I would really love to know how much advertisement XING did in the last quarter / CPC costs.

  • Roberto

    Nice typo, Techchrunch:


    Acquired: September 23, 2010 by ChoiceVendor”

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  • Orwallo

    i’d like to know how much they paid for that domain name …Xing is a very important Chinese word and was probably snatched up a long time ago by someone

  • Martin

    Xing is a great network for connecting with DE companies.

    I use both Xing and Linkedin heavily, Xing for DE contacts and Linkedin for the rest of the globe ;)

  • Christian Heindel

    I wonder how many of them are inactive accounts.

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  • Tom Bradley

    Re @Roberto ‘1) viadeo and 30 million users? Come on ..’

    Those are not real members – they bought an online address book called Unyk and uploaded 16m accounts (it may have grown a bit since then but the point is that these are not real users of Viadeo they were uploaded from Unyk). There is, without a doubt, a lot of exaggeration in how they get to the other 14m users – but that includes the acquisitions of Tianji, ICT and Apnacircle which may have brought 3m or so members. But Viadeo can just make up its numbers – unlike Xing which is listed and has its numbers audited.

    If you look at Traffic figures on Compete, Alexa, Google Trends etc then you get a better idea.

    Compete suggests Linked’in has 14-5m uniques per day, Viadeo about 140k and Xing between 50-100K.

    Google Trends has Linked’in at about 6m Uniques, Xing at nearly 1m uniques, Viadeo at 500m.

    Alexa has Linked’in at traffic rank 26, Xing 211 and Viadeo at 1066.

    I don’t think the VCs are being fooled by these claims from Viadeo.

    Xing is holding its own in the German speaking countries, Viadeo in the French speaking World. But Linked’in is by far the most useful and successful network.

    • Tom Bradley

      ‘Google Trends has Linked’in at about 6m Uniques, Xing at nearly 1m uniques, Viadeo at 500m.’

      That should be 500k for Viadeo!

      Anyone have access to Hitwise – it would be interesting to know the real figures.

  • Marc

    Did anyone did the comparism of valuation between xing and linkedin? Interesting.

    Xing 10 Mio members, turnover for 2010est 55 Mio EUR
    current valuation 150 mio eur-50 mio cash=100 mio EUR

    based on this numbers and on the last linkedin valuation xing doesn’t look expensive. The report on sharespost says that xing makes much more revenues per user than linkedin! What would be the fair value?

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