Kudos to ESPN's World Cup live stream

Here’s a slight update to my World Cup “all you need to know” post from yesterday. I completely forgot to mention that ESPN3.com is streaming all the games live and totally for free. No need to mess around with shady P2P streams.

But of course there’s a catch: you either need to be on a college campus or need to have an ISP that’s has a deal with ESPN. The nation’s largest ISP, Comcast, does have a deal, so for once it’s good to have Comcast!

The full list of ISPs are here.

Another note: the stream works just fine on Linux, as seen in the supplied screenshot.

Oh, also: Uivision has the Spanish-language rights, and it’s in HD this time.

Have DirecTV? You can watch the games with different language commentaries, including Arabic (it’s like I’m watching YouTube clips!), German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

Carry on, sports fans!