Dear Internet: Please grow up re: Toyota zombie ad

Really, Internet? Now you’re being facetious. Thisis the ad for the new Toyota Corolla. It has zombies in it (“Equipped for a zombie attack or just…life”). It’s now “controversial” in light of the 34 deaths caused by all those Toyota glitches.

The thing is, zombies are not dead people; they’re undead. There’s a difference, a difference I had hoped the Internet, wry device that it is, would have grasped. Nope: now it’s using the ad to score cheap heat at Toyota’s expense.

I’m not defending the ad. It’s pretty stupid. In fact, I blamethe Internet for popularizingthe childish idea of “zombie attacks” in the first place. You just know the guy who pitched that as the ad agency was trolling 4Chan looking for “young” and “hip” ideas. “Guys, zombies seem to be popular with today’s youth. Perhaps we should come up with an ad to reflect the inexplicable popularity of zombies on the Internet?”

Give that man a bonus!