Toyota is turning to startup Redwood Materials for critical battery materials

Battery cells produced at Toyota’s future North American EV factory will someday contain a little Redwood Materials DNA. The two companies announced Thursday that Redwood Materials will supply T

Toyota to invest another $8B into North Carolina EV battery factory

Toyota said Tuesday it will invest another $8 billion into its first EV battery factory in North America, as the Japanese automaker tries to ramp up its electrification program and introduce 30 batter

Toyota hops on Tesla’s EV charging standard, leaving Stellantis and VW as holdouts

Another day, another convert: Toyota and Lexus electric vehicles will adopt Tesla’s chargers starting in 2025, Toyota said this week.   The top automaker by global sales, Toyota is the latest

Toyota’s EV strategy hinges on a partnership with a petrochemical company

Toyota’s EV progress remains nascent. And a recent announcement about a manufacturing partner suggests that the company is still feeling its way forward.

Pony, investor Toyota partner to ‘mass produce’ robotaxis in China

Autonomous-driving company and Toyota say they’re teaming up with the goal of one day cranking out a bunch of “fully driverless robotaxis.” The two companies intend to kick o

Mercedes jumps into the ChatGPT fray and Toyota plays catch-up

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EV laggard Toyota says its next-gen EVs will have over 600 miles range

Toyota plans to introduce a high-performance lithium-ion battery to its next-generation electric vehicles by 2026, part of the automaker’s new technology roadmap revealed Tuesday. The batteries

Toyota to spend $48M on new US-based EV battery lab

Toyota plans to build a lab at its North American research and development headquarters in Michigan to develop and evaluate the quality of its EV batteries. The $48 million lab, which is expected to b

Toyota adds $2.1B to its US battery factory expansion plans

Toyota will spend an additional $2.1 billion to build a new battery plant in North Carolina, the latest sign that the automaker is attempting to catch up with an industry that has embraced the move to

Toyota confirms another years-long data leak, this time exposing at least 260,000 car owners

Two weeks ago, Toyota said it exposed the data of more than two million customers to the internet for a decade. Today, the automotive giant said it recently discovered the data of another 260,000 car

Toyota Japan exposed millions of vehicles’ location data for a decade

Toyota Japan has apologized after admitting to leaving millions of customers’ vehicle details on the public internet for a decade. The car maker said in a notice that it will notify about 2.15 m

Two days in the Bay

It was genuinely a bit surreal seeing deep green hills in the South Bay last week. Growing up in Fremont, I know the change from brown to green is about as close as we get to having seasons, but it’


“Jidoka” is a new one to me. TRI (Toyota Research Institute) CEO Gill Pratt described the concept as “Automation with a Human Touch.” The anglicized version of the notion is “Aut

Subaru recalls Solterra for its nagging wheels-fall-off problem

Subaru has issued another recall for its battery electric Solterra crossover due to concerns that hub bolts on the wheels may loosen and cause it to detach. Subaru said the issue affects 1,182 model y

Toyota’s surprise executive shakeup may disappoint investors

The 66-year-old Akio Toyoda may have resigned as president, but it appears likely that he'll still be in control.

Toyota stumbled as Hyundai was stealing the successful Prius playbook

Toyota seems to have misjudged consumer and regulator sentiment. And perhaps more important, it has lost control of the narrative.

Toyota president keeps pushing idea that people hate EVs, despite epic waitlists

Hydrogen is nowhere near ready for cars and light trucks, and the hybrid era is drawing to a close. Toyota of all companies should know that.

Everything that stood out to us at the 2022 LA Auto Show

The 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show is in the rearview mirror, leaving us with one final task: sharing a roundup of the weird and wonderful, the awkward and eye-popping vehicle unveilings and new announcem

Toyota unveils all-electric SUV concept under its ‘Beyond Zero’ badge

Toyota unveiled Wednesday an all-electric SUV concept with plant-based seating and an AI “personal” assistant as the automaker expands its “beyond zero” portfolio. The bZ compa

The new 2023 Toyota Prius plays up power, not fuel economy

Toyota is beefing up the fuel-sipping Prius hybrid, adding more power and quicker acceleration to appeal to a wider range of car shoppers in an increasingly crowded market. The car created — and
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