• Disruptor Beam’s ‘Walking Dead: March to War’ puts you in the middle of a zombified Washington, D.C.

    Disruptor Beam’s ‘Walking Dead: March to War’ puts you in the middle of a zombified Washington, D.C.

    Disruptor Beam has already created games based on Star Trek and Game of Thrones. Next up is The Walking Dead, with the launch of The Walking Dead: March to War. To build the game, which was first announced last year, the company partnered with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment. That means the game is technically an adaptation of the comics, but the environments… Read More

  • PassivDom is a Zombie-proof “autonomous 3D-printed mobile house”

    PassivDom is a Zombie-proof “autonomous 3D-printed mobile house”

    It’s rare that I quote a company’s marketing tagline outright, but PassivDom, makers of an “autonomous 3D-printed mobile house,” sounds pretty darn rad. The Ukrainian company wants to create mobile homes that can be made anywhere and are completely self-powered. Max Gerbut, a Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences of physics of the solid state, built the houses in the Ukraine and… Read More

  • How To Plan For Your Startup’s Gruesome Demise Crunch Network

    How To Plan For Your Startup’s Gruesome Demise

    Having children is one of the happiest moments most people will ever enjoy, but it’s also when you need to first think the most seriously about death. The joyous excitement and freneticism that surround birth is paired with the grim reality of life insurance policies and the act of considering the finite valuation of your remaining days. It’s not fun, but it’s the… Read More

  • How Venture Capital Incentives Promote Zombie Companies Crunch Network

    How Venture Capital Incentives Promote Zombie Companies

    It feels like every other day: Another company raises a massive round of funding. We tend to assume that a company that’s raising money must be doing well. However, the truth is that venture capital funds’ incentives drive them to fund companies that should have folded long ago. These “zombie companies” are money pits, ultimately shrinking the returns of entire funds… Read More

  • “Zombie” Apps On The Rise – 83% Of Apps Not On Top Lists, Up From 74% Last Year

    “Zombie” Apps On The Rise – 83% Of Apps Not On Top Lists, Up From 74% Last Year

    With the app economy showing no sign of slowing, the iOS App Store, too, continues to grow, and has now reached over 1.42 million apps, according to a new report out this morning from app analytics firm adjust. One interesting metric the report uncovered is just how many of the apps are effectively invisible to consumers – something adjust lovingly refers to as “zombie… Read More

  • Japanese Gaming Giant GREE Debuts Its First U.S.-Designed Title For Western Audiences

    Japanese Gaming Giant GREE Debuts Its First U.S.-Designed Title For Western Audiences

    GREE, the $5.9 billion Japanese mobile gaming company making a big push in international markets, debuted its first-ever title designed by U.S. talent for Western audiences today. Taking the evergreen Zombie theme that has fueled countless mobile gaming hits, GREE’s game “Zombie Jombie” is designed from the perspective of zombies who must battle humans. In the game… Read More

  • Video: Zombie Attack In Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

    Ha! Haters may say something like, “Looks like zombies are gaming’s new ‘break glass in case of emergency’ gimmick,” but another chance to run around the world of Red Dead Redemption is OK with me. (I wasn’t too keen on the previous multi-player DLCs, if only because I’m not the biggest multi-player gamer. I find a solid single-player mode to be far… Read More

  • Go To College, Take A Zombie Class

    One or two weeks ago we learned about a World of Warcraft-themed university course. We all laughed, then went about our business, not particularly bothered by any of it. Today we learn about a zombie class being taught at the University of Baltimore. Mm. Read More

  • Review: AAARR! AAARRR! Kill Zombies with Zombie ShootAR.

    Zombie ShootAR (get it…AR as in Augmented Reality) is a fun and innovative first-person shooter for Smartphone that pits you against a legion of virtual zombies. You play the game by using your phone’s camera and screen to search for, shoot, chop-up or otherwise destroy the virtual zombies that appear integrated into your surroundings via augmented reality. Just watch the video… Read More

  • Dear Internet: Please grow up re: Toyota zombie ad

    Really, Internet? Now you’re being facetious. This is the ad for the new Toyota Corolla. It has zombies in it (“Equipped for a zombie attack or just…life”). It’s now “controversial” in light of the 34 deaths caused by all those Toyota glitches. Read More

  • 28 billion zombies killed. And they're still coming!

    Left 4 Dead 2 was released on November 17th, 2009. Since then, 28,981,249,043 zombies have met cruel and unusual, along with plenty of mundane and unimaginative fates at the hands of gamers everywhere. Now I love zombie killing, but 28 billion? Let’s put that into perspective a bit. Read More

  • Zombie lawn ornament serves as an excellent neighbor deterrent

    Here’s a friendly reminder that Halloween is right around the corner. The $90 “Zombie of Montclaire Moors” garden statue has actually been around for a little while but you can never get too much zombie-related statue news, am I right? Read More

  • Zombie Solid Snake: Makes about as much sense as the franchise

    I stopped playing Metal Gear games when Snake was in the jungle and saw a horse on a bridge and then Revolver Ocelot came and then Big Boss turned out to be Snake’s brother, Mark, who worked in sales at Procter and Gamble but instead of being a key to the Metal Gear defense system he was, in fact, a Son of Liberty who, from the founding the United States, was tasked with protecting… Read More

  • Meet The Back-Up

    [Autoplaying movie after the jump] I don’t know what’s better: that they embedded their video in a fake Quicktime player, or that it exists at all. I don’t have any longarms, but I’m so ordering one of these. For the first time, the bedroom will be the best place to hole up when the inevitable zombie invasion happens. The Back-Up [product page] Read More

  • FBI Protects America By Fighting Zombies

    As part of Operation Bot Roast (good god, guys, really?), the FBI has contacted more than one million people, telling them their PCs have been zombified. Someone at the Bureau is wise to the intricate networks of botnets that routinely send massive numbers of spam e-mails and has now invoked the “national security” clause to help stop them. Our tips e-mail account regularly… Read More