Review: Brooks Glycerin 8 Running Shoes

As a chronic sufferer of a variety of foot ailments, most of which result directly from running, I can’t stress the importance of good shoes. So when Brooks sent over their 2010 Glycerin 8 shoes – I was keen to try them out.

The shoes are supposed to be made of non-Newtonian material, Brooks DNA, which means the soles can “tense up” as you run. Presumably this gives you more support during hard strikes and a softer ride when you’re not running as hard.

At first glance we’re talking about good design and normal weight (12.6oz). The shoes fit well and don’t pinch anywhere. There is excellent airflow through what looks like > 85% of the upper. These shoes also have an outersole is made of HPR Plus that is supposed to reduce wear and prevent scuffing. After using them for 3 months I can say that it works. Only the laces show wear and dirt.

For me, the most important thing for a running shoe is if it can handle the harsh impacts of running on NYC city streets. Brooks DNA material disperses these forces so well, that I have not had any recurring issues with my feet, knees or hips. I had my doubts at first – but they really work, which is mostly the reason I’m talking about it on the site. After lots of Vibram Five Fingers coverage, we thought it would be interesting to explore something a bit more traditional.

These shoes also pay attention to the environment thanks to the use of BioMoGo, the world’s first-ever bio-degradable midsole and laces made from 100% recycled materials.

Bottom Line: For a person that never tried Brooks shoes before, I’m quite impressed – excellent quality and performance. Try before you buy for fit and padding.